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What kind of star wars lego sets...

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Well I have:

Final Duel 2 (x2)

Final Duel 1 (x1)

Clone Scout Walker (x1)

Tie Fighter (x1)

Jedi Defence 1 (x1)

Jedi Defence 2 (x1)

Speederbikes (x1)

Naboo Swamp (x6) *brand new and sealed*

Thats all, I think.... i'm trying to build my collection. I thought this might be a neat little topic. Tell me what Star Wars sets you have. :D


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I currently own no Star Wars lego sets!

I sold them all to a friend for mucho buxorx. :)

I did have the...

Millenium Falcon




Darth Vader Tie Fighter

2 MTTs


Hover Battle Droid set thingie mobobie

Desert Duel (Darthmaul and Quigon)

and 2 Sand Speeders :rock:

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