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Balancing the Han

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1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:



Wild animals in North China include leopards, tigers, black bears, wolves, jackals, phasianus colchicus linnaeus, wild boars, tadorna ferruginea, and swans.

Simple ornamental plants are chrysanthemum, orchid, peony
Pine, cypress, bamboo, willow, locust, ginkgo can be used as wood sources.
Peach trees, plum trees, apricot trees, pear trees, plum trees, jujube trees, and persimmon trees can be used as food sources.

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There has been a nerf to the Han crossbow that took its base damage to 28 pierce from 30. I did tests in p1 and then after all upgrades, and I found that the Han crossbow always kills an enemy ranged infantry citizen in 2 hits. This is problematic because 2 hits only require 1 repeat time cycle, so the total time to kill is prepare time + repeat time. A slinger takes 5 hits to kill a ranged unit in p1 and also 5 in p3, so it is prepare time + 4x repeat time, which means that even though the crossbow does less damage per second, it kills ranged units way faster. People who use alt to snipe are going to be very deadly with this unit.

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