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Some biomes add normal looking trees that can't be cut (act as decorations)

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I've been noticing a rather problematic issue with certain biomes which appears to be generalized. I'm seeing it more with my random map Gaia given I configured a few extra decorations there, but the culprit appears to be one of the builtin biome functions (IIRC addDecoration and / or addProps).

The problem is some biomes add trees that can't be harvested and act only as decorations, and those trees look identical to those that can. This causes many random maps to be filled with forests where you can't cut any trees: Apart from being illogical, it's problematic from a gameplay standpoint as you need to select units and hover over trees to see which give you the wood symbol. I believe this would make sense for dried up trees that can be distinguished, but not whole forests that look perfectly normal.

Here's a screenshot from the Alpine biome to show my point:


Believe it or not the pine trees you see in front can't be cut down or selected, only the trees in the back work. This makes no sense at all: They look exactly like the kinds of trees you'd expect being able to cut!

Can anyone else confirm this with other maps? Or perhaps try mine and see what's going on that causes this? Maybe I'm using decorations wrong somehow, but generally I see no reason why an entity that looks like a normal tree wouldn't be registered as one.

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19 minutes ago, maroder said:

Yeah, your problem is this: https://github.com/0ad-matters/community-maps-2/blob/master/maps/random/gaia.js#L363

So better to use addProps only on unreachable areas.

Ah... thanks! Will have to fix that sometime. I thought even trees meant for unreachable areas are still possible to harvest.

I remember the problem was I wanted stuff like barrels or broken carts to be spawned around the map, but the builtin for that also spawns trees that can't be cut.

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