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Adventures In Photoshooting

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Well, I actually managed to do something productive today. :P Me and my special *ahem* "comrade" Robert Bordwell went up to Lake Arrowhead which is a hour or so away from our home and located in the mountains which seperate the LA/Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino urban area from the desert. And so we walked and drove around the Lake, taking pics as we went. As for the pics, our best ones are located in this album. So go take a look. :)

PS: To my utter disappointment, all my pictures of ducks were omitted. :):P

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You put it correctly Desmond. No matter what propaganda comes through in order to destroy the fast food establishment, I will remain loyal to it until the day I die due to a heart attack induced by fast food consumption. :)

Oh, and I had it for both breakfast and lunch yesterday. :)

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Well, I just got back from yet another shoot at March Air Field a few hours ago. We came here today because there was an antique truck show being held (and it wasen't on Saturday). So you'll find various things ranging from trucks to military planes to even German relics from WWII found in the museum. Enjoy our new pics. :)

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