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New 2vs2 Tournament! REGISTER HERE!

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Hi all, competitors!

Before announcing anything, I would like to apologize for the delay in the already announced competitions, but I have had some technical problems with the website and your registrations for the competitions did not arrive. Everything is solved now!

I've thought about it well and for now I'm going to open two competitions to see how RTS Tournaments is received. As more people join our competitions, new competitions will be incorporated until reaching the Grand Champions League, with a start date of 07/02/22.


- Champs Cup (2v2) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/0ad-competitions-2v2champscup

This competition is a 2v2 league that will last 4 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each match won will add 3 points.


- OPEN RANKING (1v1) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/1v1ranking

This competition is a 1v1 league that will last 16 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each game will add 3 points. This competition ends the last week of June. The 3 players with the most points will qualify for the first CGL of 0 A.D. The other players must qualify in the respective qualifying tournaments.


Registration will close on 13/03/22 and will begin on 14/03/22, good luck to all of you!


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9 hours ago, Stockfish said:

Hello, only 3 teams registered so... i canceled it :(

i feel really sad becouse i put a lot of effort on this, i guess until 0ad team doesn't support it won't be made

What do you mean doesn't support?

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10 hours ago, Stockfish said:

 i guess until 0ad team doesn't support it won't be made

I don't know, man. Letswaveabook managed to organize a tournament without support, but then half of the players decided to stop playing after their first match. So the problem might be the players, not the 0ad team.

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To be honest @Stockfish your website might look good graphically but it is not dynamic, not visible who registered, who joined to tournament at specific date (it looks you are editing it manually) and there is 0 interaction between (no chat - just to support).. People won't join because there is 0 transparency :)



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