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Hi! I'm new

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To the first question: I don't really understand what you mean. I think you mean why I think they are funny. It is hilarious!!!! Well actually, CodeOptimist's flame war was an exaggeration of their stupidity. Those types of flame wars will only happen when n00bs communicate. And even then it won't go that stupid. But it still is really funny.

To the second question: Well there are a lot of them, but one that comes to mind is when Fun_Clan_Zero flamed Yooda about his hilarious Pegasus Rush becuause he (FunClan_Zero) was mad that Yooda's thread (Pegasus) beat his crappy thread (about Nereids).


For the flame war, start reading at post no. 95 and then continue to the end of the thread.

This flame war isn't so interesting, though, because it is everybody vs. FunClan_Zero.

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Oh. I get it!!! The lame part is about the joke!!!!1!!!11!one!11


But my username was made up by a friend and, quite frankly, it is 1337z0rz!11!!11!!!1!1 OMG it is 1337!!! I pwn u all L4M3 n00bz0rs1!!!!!11!11111!!!!onez0rz

BTW: Did you read about FCN being a complete moron yet? (Yooda's thread was a joke, that you can only understand after you play AOM)

EDIT: Chicigrande, are you on aok (not aom) heaven? Cause I think you're name sounds familiar there.... Maybe I'm going crazy...

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Okay, did you read FunClan_zero being jealous yet? It's so funny!! (And frustrating that idiots like him exist on aomheaven.. and ZeurThorOranos if you read till the end of the thread.... Until it was locked by Shiva :S )

So translation into plain Engish: No my username is more elite than yours, inexperienced person. I'm laughing. I am better than you all. I'm good at this. I should be at the website, aomheaven. Yay!

EDIT: f1x0red

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