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Any interest in some form of "cross game" exchange ?


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Hey, if there's a better place to ask, please point me there :).

I've had this thought a while, that the various (well polished) Open-Source Games would very much profit from greater communication or even cooperation.

So question: Would there be any interest from Wildfire Games team in talking in one way or another with people eg from Warzone 2100,  Zero-K, or Beyond all Reason? (all RTS games)

To clarify - I'm not actually from any of those groups, but I'd be happy to takle a "project" facilitating cross-talk :).

Happy to expand or give examples if wanted! Regards,

Sean Scherer

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Hey @SeanCJ

Meant to send you a message. Two years ago for the FOSDEM and a bit more recently I contacted nearly all the open source projects I could find for spring that's (BA, BAR, Zero-K, Spring 1944, and the official spring discords) Wesnoth, Wyrmsum, and Warzone 2100, Devsh' Irrlicht, SuperTux Kart, Urho3D, and godot. Some came to the Game dev room and you can find all the videos of that event here https://video.fosdem.org/2020/K.3.201/

I really hope we can bring more of that shared experience in the future.

EDIT: I'm also on most of their discords.

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It would be pretty cool if we could organize a 0ad-BAR 1v1 biathlon.

Both games have very different mechanics; it would be pretty cool, to encourage some cross-pollination between both playerbases and, to see how good players from each game adapt to the others.

I'd imagine something not too ambitious, a 16 player pool format, with a group-stage of 4x4 to happen during a weekend then semis+finals on the other.

I'm having a hard time to imagine a match format in which neither the 0ad nor bar stronger player has advantage over the other.

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