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Welcome to my discord server!

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Dear All, I have made a discord server aimed at providing a friendly environment for 0AD players to matchmake and discuss topics related 0AD. It also contains people from my school who are not necessarily 0AD players, who would talk about homework or school plans.


1. Privacy is important. Please do NOT address each other by their real names, and do not reveal your own real life identity! Also please don't ask people their name, nationality, exact location, gender, school, etc. 

2. Talk politely and respect each other. Avoid bringing up politically sensitive topics or too obscene things; the aim of the server is not to spread ideologies, fake news or terrorise people. 

3. Use each channel for their designated purpose. Please do not talk about minecraft in a 0ad channel and vice versa. 

If you want to talk with someone privately, go make your own chat. 

This is the link: https://discord.gg/cTaZXvr8

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whey i use open source system like for example matrix clients
and not discord:

The Discord communications system requires running a nonfree client program.
The program reportedly collects lots of data about users.
Discord insists on tracking users. If a user connects through a VPN, Discord demands that user provide a phone number.
Discord locks accounts that don't have associated phone numbers. do we learn form the past?I respect of course if it has to be like that. most important friend etc. but if you see a possibility. please think twice if possible

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