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Why is there no experience for Champion units?


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I think it would be only a good idea to introduce Champion experience.

Think of it. You dont wanna lose them then not only because they are expensive, because at a certain point, this is not the case anymore.

And healers would be more viable.

Even Champions should be able to become stronger after battle.

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18 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Champions are supposed to be the most experienced troops you have. That's what distinguishes them from Citizen Soldiers.

I understand that point of view in which champs are thought of being at the absolute maximum of potential. Which i think (which doesnt matter) is not a good idea. What would be so off if they would also be able to get stronger? Is it just a balancing problem? Because i didnt want to give the impression that they should not be the supposedly most experienced troops one have. That aspect wouldnt be touched at all if one just adds experience levels. Also the distinction isnt touched. Thats why i am curios about your statement.

So i get the impression that the champs are to be thought at a maximum cap already. Ok.

Thanks for clarification.

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