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There are 3 Norwegian forums, there are 8 English spoken forums.

We once considered making the whole forum English, but why?

We have 5-6 (MAX) NOT Norwegian members, and why make the whole forum English then?

So we kept Games, General Chat and Deep thoughts and emotions in Norwegian, but now had Computer Desk (as here) suggestions, Introcustions, and so on in English, including the Viking mod chat !! :muaha:

So, we are moving too a new forum (IPB) instead of Invisionfree :)

There we will have more English forums, ill make a thread when its ready :lol:

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Yes, we changed quite a bit the last month, though a lot of clanmembers are talkigna bout hwo stupid it is with so many English forums, they shall just shut up :muaha:

so gaRdi: Shut up, the forums are for everyone, including WFG-ers, and that is why i have made so many forum English :lol::) (gaRdi will understand that i dont mean this so hard :P )

Anyway, the new forums will be much better, and as i said, i will make a thread when its up :P

You can also check a test: http://www.wlclan.net/forum :=)

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Btw, instead of making a new thread, what do you think of this idea for the new forum??:

"The new forum is soon up, and here are some suggestions, make your own, and ill make a Poll after a few days


Viking mod |Subcategies|-> Viking mod News / Announcements

-> General Viking Mod Chat

-> Viking mod Intern Discussion

-> Support

-> History talk

(WarLord) clan |Subcategies|-> Announcements (Clan announcements)

-> General Clan talk

-> Join us

-> Challenge us

-> (WarLord) Private forum

-> Suggestions / Feedback (Clan related, not forum related)

General (other name?) |Subcategies|-> Forum announcements

-> General Chat

-> Games

-> Suggestions / Feedback (Forum related)

-> Help desk (Computer Desk?)

-> Computer Talk (Delete this if we call help desk Computer Desk)

-> +++

The 3 main ones are just links, when you press one of them, you get the actual forums, which is the ones mentioned.

We dont want MORE subforums, only those 3.

Also, we might have the Forum announcements in the main board, where the Subcategories also are

This is a suggestion, we can also have it like we have now, or you can make your own suggestion ?


Edit: The idea is that every forum excpet those in the (WarLord) clan category is going to be in English, this means that there are some English and some Norwegians.

Every clanrelated issue is in Nor, and chat + mod is in Eng?


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Yes, i thought so too :muaha: I may consider making the clan related things English too, since we now have some Swedish members and so on, but no one really cares about that .. :=)

Anyway, we with this hope more activity also in the non_mod related matters :lol:

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Ok I'll translate the posts:


Tok meg laaang tid'' = So? Took me a loong time to make it.

''Hehe'' = Hehe

''Var ganske forvirrende å se på!'' = Was pretty confusing!

''Overser den :D'' = I ignore it! :indifferent:

[Var ganske forvirrende å se på = Was pretty confusing!]

''Skal jeg gjøre den større så du ser bedre :nod::)!!?'' = Shall I make it bigge so u c it better? :)

''nei, for guds skyld!!! ikke større!!!'' = No, for gods sake, not bigger!!!

''lol, en på alle votene'' = lol, one on all the votes.

Bahh... That's enough... :D

I have better things to do! :P

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