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Bye everyone!

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It has been like... 10 years? I clearly remember the first prealphas, and then the first alphas. How the game started to grow, Civs, AIs, MP.

I was 18 at the time, holy jesus. I did a trip around my country that year, I remember checking 0 a.d progress when I was bored in libraries. The thing is that I got older, I'm trying to spend less time in front on my computer, AoE have been remade (and now I have money to buy it), and I feel that 0 A.D got stuck on the gameplay. Anyway, I think is one of the most amazing open source videogame projects, with a lot of potential and hard work behind. 

As you noticed, this years I have been less and less active. I put that everything because I spend a lot of time here, and have some emotional value. I probably will look from time to time to the new versions, but overall I'm saying goodbye. 

Stay safe, enjoy what you like.

PD: rename that Skiritai Commando to Skiritai runners or ekodromos, "commando" is a modern military notion!

Just for real now, logging out!

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