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Avoding Procrastination

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Write it down...numerous times...

Have your friends tell you continuously you have to do the homework...

Do the homework with your friends...

When you think about it, do it immediatly...

Reserve a time period to work...

Do the things you like less first, then the things you like best...

Promise yourself something (like a chocolate bar) you will have when you finish your work...

I can give all those suggestions...but I still have the problem...dam**t ;) anyway...try what I said... good grades are important for your future :)

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I think your last tip was a great one Tim ;) I think it's easier to continue on something you've already started than starting fresh, so just getting something, maybe just a paragraph or a few questions depending on what you're doing, will probably help a lot. I'll have to start doing that myself ;)

I can't really give you any tips myself though, since I just suck at getting things done early... I'm usually up until 3am writing essays and such, which isn't exactly the best way to do it I guess :)

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