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Hey, Loki!  Nice to see you!

Glad to hear.  I worked really hard on it.  Remember when the brothers went on vacation and I standardized the formatting and fixed the indentations?  Even using a code formatter, that took about a whole month of full-time work;  and when they came back from vacation I got treated like a pariah for one tiny mistake I made in one tiny line of code, a typo;  which is when... Anyways,  I hope you understand my bitterness...

Glad to find a good old friend here.  :-)

EDIT:  I'm "Chuck Starchaser", by the way;  not sure if you know.  Ah, I guess you do;  you remembered my love of Eiffel.

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On 29/01/2021 at 4:34 PM, Angen said:

@feneur sorry for ping, but could you please consider splitting this one? 

Done, and for the record, the below comment in a previous post seems to have been what set it off:


PRIVATE NOTE:  The engine I worked with, before, was Vegastrike.  If you've never looked at it, thank your favorite god and perform the appropriate sacrifices.


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