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What To Name A Bird?

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I had two cocatiels and they were named exactly that. Crystal and Sunny. And I was actually going to suggest those two names. That is really freaky that Akya said that. Anyways, you should name them those, cuz they're great names.

Unfortunately one of my cocatiels died, the other didn't know where his mate went, and after searching (I swear) every room in our house over and over, he flew out the door searching for his mate. They were great pets though, and I have tons of memories of them.

EDIT: BTW, the female was sunny and the male was crystal.

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Gwaihir (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam)

Landroval (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam)

Meneldur (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam)

Thorondor (King of the Eagles in the first age of Tolkien's works)

Aiwendil (Name of Brown Wizard, friend to small birds)

Arathor (Noble Eagle)

Menelthor (Sky Eagle)

Manwë (name of the god of eagles)

Eluthor (Blue Eagle)

Thorluin (Blue Eagle)

Palanthor (Wide Eagle)

Palarevion (Far-Flyer)

Heledir (Kingfisher)

Thorchir (Lord of Eagles)

Menelhir (Sky-Lord)

Fimroval (Slender Wing)

Rovalluin (Blue Wing)

Eluroval (Blue Wing)

Rovalmir (Precious Wing)

Tologroval (Trusty Wing)

Bainthor (Beautiful Eagle)

Rovalbain (Beautiful Wing)

Merilin (Nightingale)

Randir (Wanderer)

Menelrandir (Sky-Wanderer)

Elurandir (Blue Wanderer)

Oltharoval (Dream-wing)

Reviohir (Lord of Flying)

Reviomir (Flying Jewel)

Some names mostly in sindarin elvish, relating to birds

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