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The Romans should be red by default


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I am still loving 0AD, I started playing a few years ago and from having zero interest in ancient history it got me into totally geeking out over the cultures in the game and reading many fascinating books about them.  And I went to Rome to the see real forum and Colosseum because of this, thank you!

I was just showing my kids how to play for the first time, they have been doing romans at school.  They always want to play as romans but they are complaining that romans should always be red, and when they play (by default, as player 1, against the computer, like most people will do) they are blue which is wrong.    So could we suggest that the romans, and maybe other factions, should have a most historically accurate color which gets selected by default?   I know you can tweak the setting to put yourself on team 2 to get the red romans, but I've been playing for years as blue romans before my kids made me even think to do this.   Most players will want to be romans as they are the best known faction, so when a new player clicks "play" they should get historically accurate red romans as the default setting.


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