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I'm Planning to Get a New PC and I Need Advice

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I would recommend an AMD Ryzen apu. You get a lot of CPU and GPU performance for less money. And in the future you will have the opportunity to upgrade to a graphics card. The Linux Mesa drivers for A

My specs XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB GTS Black Edition No issues after a year or so and easy on the wallet... Hope it helps.

The Ryzen 3600 is much faster than the e.g. 2200g. But the disadvantage is that the Ryzen CPUs (without "G" Ending) have no integrated GPU. So if you could you use your old graphics card further this

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Correct, APUs don't have an own VRAM, they using the RAM. This is why the RAM is that important for the GPU speed. Dual channel configuration can double the performance compared to a single setup. And an 3200MHz RAM compared to an 2400MHz can have another impact of 25-35%.

As @Stan` said it's possible to configurate the amount of RAM usage in the BIOS, but this not necessary. The usage is dynamicaly managed by the OS. So changing this configuration in the BIOS can make it worse than better.

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1 minute ago, smiley said:

Huh. I see. I assumed it was like the Intel integrated graphics.

Intel has two different integrated graphics. I guess you meant the Iris Pro graphics? The normal integrated graphics do also use the RAM.

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57 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Intel uses both. They have like 128MB integrated and then "steal" the rest.

Source: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000020962/graphics.html

From what I understand of you link, they have no separate memory. They explain the false Windows display in the bottom boxes.

The Iris Pro uses some eDRAM. Don't know if there are some more Intel CPUs with separate VRAM.

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