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UI Bug - Structure Tree Doesn't Fit 4:3

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I know that I said I don't mind this thing and I couldn't really care less, but that was a couple of Alphas back then.

For the sake of suggesting improvements, I changed my mind. If the Structure Tree doesn't fit, there should at least be an ability to "scroll" across the parts that I can't see.

In this example, anything beyond the Palisades is beyond my vision, and I can't access the "View Additional Info" button.


(I would also suggest that the Civic Center should be in the "Phase II" category, but that's another topic).

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Hey @sphyrth,

Unfortunately like your original complaint this isn't new. Here is the ticket which I believe covers what you want #3038.

@elexis was the last person to work on it, and he is working on the GUI cleaning currently maybe that'll make things easier ?

16 minutes ago, sphyrth said:

... which reminds me. @Stan` there was once a complaint about something being "too small" in the UI, and you suggested a quickfix to it.

Does it also work for the Structure Tree (scaling it down to my preferences I mean)?

The quickest fix in my mind would be to set the minimum resolution to something like 1366x768 and say anything below is not supported but I don't think that's the solution I mentioned.

You could set the gui.scale to 0.9 in the user.cfg as well but that's nothing but a workaround...

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This is something that bothered me as well. The problem is not your aspect ratio, it is the required resolution. The session gui is designed for a width of 1024 pixels. Unfortunately the tech tree uses about 1600 pixels (Persians), more for mods that add more entities. A scrollbar would certainly help.

I have a high resolution screen (3840×2160), but I tend to play it in a half-screen window (1920×2080), and with guiscale = 2 to keep things readable that means I have effectively a 960 pixel equivalent width.




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