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Bog Pit v1 download link

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Hello all. 

last week I was away and I was aiming to make the most of the break and use atlas, but it wasn't working. I took the time to think of an idea and hay presto the day I get back home is the day I work out how I can use atlas again. Yesterday I got to work and started to create.

So here it is V1 of bog (working title) A resource rich map, with a swamp in the middle and a high ground ridge between the swamp and the up hill defensive start point witch is split Into 4 areas sheltered by mountains on each side and a pass through the mountains from the flanks.1390993696_Screenshot2019-08-29at10_54_22.thumb.png.e91c0805d9a061078542587aecb3da23.png919692837_Screenshot2019-08-29at11_02_43.thumb.png.86c0824b352c8c83fb657796ffe6e437.png

I'm happy with most of the texture paint around the swamp but not complete in base areas, I just got impatient and wanted to play. But could really do with some tips on texturing if anyone has any!



I would love to know what you think of my map so far, and any tips or advice you have on it or map making using atlas. Is there a atlas hotkey manual I've just realised you can use shift and it will copy the texture you have already layed down.

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Looks very appealing.
One thing to improve could be the blocky grass textures, try painting with right click mouse to get a smoother ("curvy") transition from one to another.

Props if this is your first map ;)

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1 hour ago, nani said:

Look very appealing.
One thing to improve could be the block-y grass textures, try painting with right click mouse to get a smoother ("curvy") transition from one to another.

Props if this is your first map ;)

I also am not happy with the grass, I did use right click but went bait to crazy with it. Im half happy with the swamp but just put down a rough grass land for the rest of the map. Sadly no its not my first map but it is my first attempt at a balanced playable map, rather than a big city.

55 minutes ago, feneur said:

Looks like a very good start to me :thumbup:

Not a hotkey specific one, but there is an Atlas Manual here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual feel free to help out with improving it as you get more comfortable with using Atlas.

Cheers ill check it out 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyone got any idea why when I try to upload a screen shot to the forum a box with -200 comes up?, when I have selected the file to upload the file size at the bottom on the browser is always slightly smaller than the actually file size?.


Map update. I have tested and it makes for a fun game I lowered the amount of trees from initial photos in spawn areas as it was bit of an over kill but as they all had the same amount it was fair I guess. I started re texturing the areas around swamp and to be honest its a ball ache but ill get around to it. ill have to check out how to upload the map and if anyone is interested or even enjoys texturing they are more than welcome to finish it, as some will  be able to do a much better job.

Ive also just embarked on the what seems like a never ending task of making the lost city of Atlantis. Recently I stumbled on some videos theorising that the Richat Structure could be a possible location and it sparked my interest. Not knowing anything about Atlantis or the rich I looked around bit and listened to a lot whilst building atlas so I know only few things about the accounts plato gave about the city. But is there anything you know about the city that would be cool to add in? 

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Just now, influxlondon said:

Anyone got any idea why when I try to upload a screen shot to the forum a box with -200 comes up?

Perhaps the file sizes are too large. Your screenshots are in PNG format which is really heavy (1.8 mb for one of the previous ones you shared). For the purpose of a forum post, I'd suggest simply opening the images in Photoshop and saving them in JPEG format with quality setting 8. It will reduce the file size by a factor of 3 to 10, with minimal artifacting which is only noticeable when you're a graphics person that zooms in to look at the pixels. 

On my end, uploading images bigger than 5mb to the forum is really difficult. I try to keep every image under about 1mb in size. Then I never have problems. 

Good luck on the map by the way, it looks promising. 

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Thank you Sundiata. I've been waiting to upload these for a while wanted to get everyones opinion 

7 hours ago, Lopess said:

Nice map congratulations !! you will make it available for download??

it will be when its complete unless anyone is any good with texturing then I can finish up asap and upload.


Quick question for anyone interested


currently the elevation points are the orange markers on the map the lines being smooth and a terrain wall with the thicker bits. Ive found that is not very inspiring for me to want to build a great city.985867036_Screenshot2019-08-30at09_38_25.thumb.jpg.66596a28020f89401bfe8ff2eb488b27.jpg

The way I currently have it I feel is the best because all players have roughly the same base and one of the main ideas of the map was for it to be fair.

But what if I was to have the starting locations like the blue or red in these pictures? the red is smooth and the blues have walls of terrain. There isn't any levels that I can think of off the top of my head that has you starting in an area  that's prime for defending, but I feel this may hinder the gameplay. I just wanted to have some inspiration for forming the grand empire but it feels very much death-match style.

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Currently in the process of turning a hight map from the Richat structure into the lost city of Atlantis.576861294_Screenshot2019-09-12at22_46_52.thumb.jpg.20f8021c0d034dc2e5222c74ef659cbf.jpg


I think I have rushed putting units in there as I was abit bored today and decided to assemble the royal guard. it spoils the pics abit but I'm not the best at getting great looking screen shots. In the completed area I have huge temples, a few military guard points and the royal quarters witch is behind the walls along the right hand side of the picture.

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 23.03.22.jp2

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Hi all, so ive just done a quick re-texture on the starting areas on the first map on this thread. As far as I know these 2 files are all you need to download right?

So here it is Bog Pit v1.

Bog Pit.pmpBog Pit.xml 

Feel free to download and play or download and mess about with on scenario editor if you wish. If you have any feedback or make any alterations please let me known and put the file on this thread so I can enjoy your remake.

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  • influxlondon changed the title to Bog Pit v1 download link

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