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Player quits 2vs2 withouth resigning


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52 minutes ago, Boudica said:

Quitting a game other than a rated 1-vs.-1 can be rude but it doesn't violate the rules. This is because rating only gets affected by rated duel results. Consider it as an implicit resign when the opponent quits other types of games.

Because I didn't saw ranks changing I tough it is from that- so that is because team games does not affect ranks?

I see, sorry for interruption...does that mean it must be 1 vs 1 or it can be 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 to affect ranks?

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You understand right, it's really just for 1 vs. 1, plus the game must be marked as a rated one by the host in the match settings before it starts. This setting doesn't currently do anything visible for other types of games (so a rated team game is still not rated).

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