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i would like to report a player


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I've even warned that guy on the forum, and @tyler1 also shared screens of his chats with pesem. Other people who's names I don't remember have also been complaining about him. Personally I've seen him join the lobby and just start spamming horrible "yo momma" jokes directed at pretty much anybody that was online, and people asked him to stop then as well. Not that I can't take a good "yo momma" joke, it's just that his are really bad. Like terribly bad...  

These kind of belligerent requests directed at Wendy for sexual favors, especially if it's repeated and personal, really constitutes a form of harassment. 


Bubblebut's eloquence demonstrated in Tyler's screens




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I am Muted for writing 2 lines of a famous lyric/poem of Rabindranath Tagore. He is the author of The national anthem of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Rabindra is also the national poet of India. Rabindranath Tagore won Nobel prize in 1913.

Moderators did not gave me any Explanation for the punishment.

Is it the way that moderators react to general players?

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