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shouid i translate the origin name??

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im keep translating 0.a.d objects like building and unit's but i saw korean translater just like me didn't translate origin names like Agorá, Khalkeṓn, Bibliothḗkē.

but translate some english words for explain like Civic Center, Dock, Sentry Tower, Wall to 시청, 항구, 방어탑, 벽

but i wonder to play 0.a.d as korean language shouid translate words wrriten in ancient greece and Latin alphabets

Shouid i translate those words that written in ancient greece and Latin alphabets to complete korean language mod??


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There are too different things in 0 A.D.

Specific Names that are in their original language or the closest we could find, and generic names which describes the building in the simplest manner, and only that last one should be translated.

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