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Hello folks,

my name is Markus. I'm from Germany and  I have some ideas how i could maybe help to contribute in the development of this great game, but since i am not expierenced in JavaScript (i'm a pythonist but not working as a programmer, but I like programming script- languages) and kinda hate C-Prgramming the implementation may take a while.  

I would be nice of you guys if you can tell me if my ideas are maybe obsolete, not wanted or even yet implemented.



my idea on making formation useful is as following: using the aura system for giving Units the benefit of fighting side by side, especially swordsmen and spearmen should give the soldiers nearby a bonus on armor, and maybe a bonus on attack and on healing (for gameplay reason i would suggest that the most). Also necessary would be, i assume, to give swordsmen who don't fight or move even a better aura for other soldiers in order to compensate for the fact that in formation fighting not everyone is involved in fighting.  Also a pierce armor bonus for every unit doing nothing would be good (and it would make sense in a lot of ways).

In order that formation fight also as formation i would give the single Unit the stance of a standground behavior, which i would alternate to a behavior like the defensive behavior but more strict, like in a super defensive behavior.

And by the way: i think this is the only solution for making formation fighting possible, if not the concept of formation would be changed in an extreme way.

The only disadvantage of my implementation would be that a formation on standard behavior wouldn't chase enemy units. Maybe a smart implementation of FormationAI.js could help here reducing the need of micro managing. And the balancing could be difficult, so that formation not getting to strong/weak.

And after fixing formations i would suggest using something like a malus for formation which are surrounded or getting flanked etc.. That would make all sorts of strategic and tactical moves possible. Also an aura for champion units in formation maybe would be  liked by some people.


Infinite/automated Unit production (i know there is a ticket yet allocated):

that would nice for corrals as well for noobs and everyone who hates micro managing. If that is done, an assistant for the production of units should be easy to implement. Beginner and i think even intermediate players would love that. It would lowering the learning curve immensely.


Minor things:

give an alarm when a patrol sees an enemy.

make hotkey for buildings: like press s for building a storehouse etc.

UnitAI: don't auto capture buildings, only attack units.

Maybe improving AI, esp. attack planing



i made a mod in which i tried to patch all the balancing flaws. Like making cav too strong, champions too expensive, hero cav too strong and hero eles too weak, countering spamming several types of units almost impossible or making one civs very strong (Seles) and other weak.


I would appreciate every suggestion, opinion or help.




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Hello and welcome to the forums,

Thanks for your interest in contributing. About the balancing changes if they were made for the current alpha you'll need to take into account the changes in the SVN version of the game. You can find more instructions at trac.wildfiregames.com on how to get it :). 

About formation I believe you'll want to talk to @Yves @temple @wraitii

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I believe for formation changes you will not need touch C++ code :) mostly you would need to change unitAI and Formation what are js. 

Small hint for formation ( dont have to read) :

Some time ago I have tried to deal with formations and I can tell that they works pretty good in standground but as long as they are attacked while Idle. If you really want to make formation fights possible, you should think a about formation movement - there is patch in progress about it but dont know if it solve eveyrthing. Next you have to think about order to attack from player, as currently whole formation attacks one single selected unit if the unit is not in own formation what is fine but if they cannot get to it things are nasty, especially when other enemy single foghting units are blocking the way. So you probably will need to implement stop whole formation on member melee attacked. 

We have also prepared patch for formation aura but it is for whole formation so no diffrence if unit is fighting or not. But as formations are not working now, formation aura is not implemented in the game. 




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Thanks Angen for ur help, it helped me a lot and was a relief cause no C++ coding is needed.

I will try do fix formation fighting first and test it and if I think it works at least decent i will upload code and write u a Personal Message.


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