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[Feature Request] Allow players to pick their own factions in multiplayer


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First, I'm new here, so if this is already a suggestion I apologize.

Second, Great Game! 

There is one minor problem though. As the title states, there doesn't seem to be a way for each player to pick his/her own factions in multi-player games. Is there a reason for this?

Would it be possible to implement allowing players to choose?

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Hello and welcome to the forums !

Glad you like the game. 

I think it was first because nobody implemented it and also because there would be chaos in games were players constantly change the settings as that would reset the ready buttons. That was before the kick options though.

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16 hours ago, elexis said:

Feature request: 3 more gamesetup rewrites

Lol true enough.

Though one could blame the previous gamesetup authors for not writing extensible code. I mean, this feature isn't exactly innovative. It's a pretty standard feature for multiplayer to have and I can't imagine it wasn't talked about before previous "rewrites."

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