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Athenians to Macedonians Hellenic Royal units

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Yes, that's correct, no, that's probably not as intended. Unfortunately the stoa and its unit templates are a rather inconsistent mess; disabling all of them now and possibly reintroducing them systematically at a later stage might not be a bad idea.

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r18024 introduced those things. It was more or less decided that (according to the balance at that time) Macedonians had already enough structure so they don't get the hellenic (royal but not Royal) stoa, that Athenians will get 2 of them and Spartans will get the 3 kind.

r18562 commit message: "prevents training of unexpected units in buildings introduced in r18024, lets mace trains 2 mercs in captured stoa or in their own stoa for scenario map, fixes #4011."

edit: I don't say that it is the ideal thing.

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