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  1. Is the Roman Skirmishers run animation or animations in general different now? I was playing and it felt kind of slow or different probably a perception thing kind of more realistic
  2. @wraitii here is another replay with some unit motion issues. Units seem to not obey when the have multiple actions that involve dropping resources then move to another position and perform another action commands.txt
  3. @wraitii here's the replay where units stop when the reach a position where they were previously gathering and there's not more resources anymore. Apparently it happens when units are blocked by another, not sure though commands.txt
  4. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, please excuse me. Does the Comma hotkey works? When ever I play with the Iberians (barracks) or I group together multiple buildings into a hokey group I can't train the units that correspond to the comma. I'm using Linux (Ubuntu) build out of source.
  5. It has been a while since the binaries (.exe) for windows got updated. I was wondering if the build is broken?
  6. What I mean is, it sort of remembers the delete command and so the next unit or building you click it will ask if you want to delete it from there on attack move doesn't work. I'll keep investigating when I have something definitive that can be reproduced or I find something else more relevant I will keep it posted in this thread
  7. Worth mentioning that after deleting the captured building clicking on any unit or building shows the confirmation window if you want to delete.
  8. After a lot of testing and trying I'm still not sure when it happens or if it is for certain factions only. I think it happens after capturing any enemy building then deleting it (maybe deleting it without asking by holding Shift key down). After that your troops don't seem to respond to attach move or garrison. It seems like the Ctrl key modifier stops working. I hope this rings some bells on somebody.
  9. It's a special map "Survival of the Fittest". I only play random maps does that have anything to do with it?
  10. I launched the mod on windows after trying a few times on linux and it's throwing some errors or one error. Maybe this has something to do with the AI not working for me. Any ideas?
  11. Well it doesn't for me, the AI doesn't build anything it stays only with their Civic centre, also the menu in the upper right corner is covered by the mini map that doesn't seem right.
  12. Is the Petra Bot supposed to work in 0abc?
  13. After reading the readme, scanning over the readme.pdf and briefly reading over the posts on this thread I can't figured out if the AI is supposed to work on this mod? Also is it supposed to work with the current ongoing Alpha 23 dev version? I mostly play/test the current Alpha and decided to install Alpha 22 (on linux environment) to try the mod after I got errors in the A23 one. Is the map supposed to be in the upper right corner? PS: I got it to launch in A22, but the AI doesn't do anything it stays with the units it starts with. Is that the expected behavior or is it something to do maybe with the version I was previously playing on this box?
  14. Playing as Macedonians after conquering the Hellenic Royal was able to train Athenians units, is that ok? I've never encounter this on any other sort of unique building across factions.
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