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Creating Selector screen and adding buttons/ features.


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How much is actually left to do to get Aristeia compatible for Alpha 22?  Once that is done, then as far as I'm concerned, if the rest of the Council has no objections, I see no reason not to Alpha-22-release Aristeia as is, with placeholder civs and everything. 

I will say this: The more I study ancient history, the more I realize how much we don't actually know about things that far back in time, and a lot of what we read in the textbooks and reference works is often educated guesswork based on bits of material remains, manuscripts, classical writings, inscriptions, monuments, artwork, etc..  Part of my problem is that I was constantly in the process of trying to rework things based on a three-part model, and if I'm not careful my perfectionist streak starts to kick in. That's part of the reason I decided very recently stop being so "exact" about the whole thing, to do away with this whole Part I, II, and III business for Aristeia, and to just have a set of general civs, those civs consisting of Egyptians, Assyrians, Mycenaeans, and Hebrews (and add more civs only if those first four got completed).

So what you'll end up getting for an Aristeia civ is a cross-section of that civilization's architecture and army across a thousand or more years, often because there simply isn't enough information from any one single period to put flesh and blood on the skeletal outline.

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Aristeia as-is is currently A22 compatible.

The changes implemented thus far as part of the redesign process have been kept separate for now, but are also A22 compatible.

All that needs to happen is for the redesign changes to be marked for inclusion into the file that people download so as to run the mod "Aristeia" on their computers.

This action, once taken, can be reversed, but not cleanly.

All in favour? Anyone against?

After that, we can discuss making a "release" of Aristeia, if you desire one.

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