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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    >> Nescio said, >> Do you also have a location (e.g. github) where one could easily browse or view individual files of your mod? > The Undying Nephalim said, > I don't at the moment but I could set one up. If you created one (and remembered to keep it in sync with your changes) it would mean we could see the current state of code easily. Would also mean that you'd only need to zip-up your code when you wish to make a release. If you're concerned about privacy, or limiting who sees the code between releases, I believe GitLab allows you to create Private repos for free (unlike GitHub where you need a paid subscription). In addition, both GitHub and GitLab also provide a project wiki that could be useful for documenting certain things, such as faction lists. Or a table which cross-references which resources are gatherable by which faction. These wikis can be locked so they can be read, but not edited, by the public. As to resources, as mentioned a couple of time already, there are a couple of things we'd need to know that affects the faction-specific resource code: What should happen when faction "A" gives (through tribute) faction "B" a resource that faction "B" cannot ordinarily gather? (Zoras giving the Gorons Coralmold, for instance.) What should happen if faction "C" comes across a treasure that it cannot ordinarily gather? (Stalfos come across a crate of Food, for instance.) What should happen if the units of faction "D", who when killed drop a certain resource, are killed by faction "E" who cannot ordinarily gather that resource?
  2. 0abc mod

    Your simulation/templates/template_unit_infantry_ranged.xml file needs a <ProjectileSpeed> line under the Attack/Ranged section, ie. <ProjectileSpeed>75.0</ProjectileSpeed> (The file is inherited by skirmish/units/default_infantry_ranged_b.xml which is used as a placeholder on skirmish maps until replaced by a suitable civ-specific template.)
  3. Ugh, okay, help

    I can't say I fully understand why, but it appears to be a conflict/problem with the file "art/skeletons/Trebuchet.xml" added to Delenda Est in commit id d34479ebc748 "Lots of Kushite stuff." This commit/file also causes errors when trying to load `fauna_shark`. In addition, the `fauna_walrus` and `fauna_elephant_asian_infant` also give errors in DE and not in vanilla, but these appear to be issues with their templates.
  4. warning

    It appears the official (binaries) repository of OpenSUSE contains 0ad at A21, and 0ad-data at A22. There also appears to be a ticket open to move a compiled A22 version of 0ad from the "games" repository into the "official" one.
  5. 6x6 foundation actor is bugged.

    Committed: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20020 Thank you @stanislas69 for the patch, and apologies it took this long to review and commit it!
  6. Britons and early blacksmith

    From the templates in-game, yes. The place where "blacksmith" is mentioned as a first-phase building for the Celtic civs is on the website (https://play0ad.com/game-info/factions/) which, although nice to read, is either out of date or wishful thinking. (At the moment there's no point in moving the blacksmith to the first phase as none of the techs can be researched until the second.) The Spartan team-bonus text found in-game as part of the "Civilisation Info" or "History" page was rewritten in May to reflect the actual implemented bonus. (As were all the descriptions of all the team bonuses found via that page. They should now all be accurate. The information about special buildings/techs, heroes, and civbonuses... not so much. We're working on it.) The only place the "Allies can train Spartiates" thing is still mentioned is in the original design documents on trac, where it serves as part of the project's history and thus is not likely to be changed. (If you happen to find it written elsewhere, do tell us so we can correct it.)
  7. Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    It appears I did some time ago... there's a pull request waiting that should was intended to bring the repo up to A22 compatibility. It's roughly 2 months old, and a quick 3-way ai match reveals that there's at least one problem that either I didn't catch at the time or has appeared since. I'm working today, so fixing that is either going to have to wait until tomorrow or fall to someone else to look into it. Depends on how desperate you are... Edit: Done. Ponies Ascendant should now be A22 compatible.
  8. Template-based History Strings

    Well, it shouldn't cause breakages, but if it does, we'll soon know: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/19960 And thanks to @fatherbushido for the patch
  9. A22 issues

    Oh heck, that takes me back... I even worked on that with @FeXoR for a short period, until he assured me he could continue on his own. I seem to recall it was before the time when the team started preferring let instead of var when declaring variables... I think the patch even pre-dates elexis and leper falling out with one another... the first time... *trails off, lost in memories* *ahem* It'll need updating, but it's mildly annoying how it hasn't been finished and committed in all this time.
  10. Template-based History Strings

    The tech description and tooltip attributes, as well as the aura auraDescription attribute, are currently translated, so we're not touching those at this time. Admittedly, it's true that the contents of the description attribute are not currently visible inside 0AD (the viewer will change that), and you're right, they should be checked and standardised at some point. (Also, I'd like to find out why auraDescription was named auraDescription, and not simply description. Or tooltip as that's what it's used as...) That can come later.
  11. A22 issues

    WARNING: Function getWallAlignment: Unknown style: egyptian (falling back to "athen") (Reproducible by playing as the Egyptians on the "Fortress" random map.) This is a failure of the random map scripts that cause them to be mod unfriendly. Currently, the only solution is to include a modified copy of the entirety of the "rmgen/wall_builder.js" file, (just to add one line) which I'd rather not do. ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/skeletal/arrow_spec.png" There's no reference to this image in any of our files (or in the files of 0AD vanilla or Delenda Est or Millennium AD or Rise of the East/Terra Magna), so... I can't find it either. ERROR: Mismatch between model's skeleton and animation's skeleton (35 model bones != 29 animation keys) Assuming this is the Ramesside Swordsman actor... should now be fixed.
  12. Creating Selector screen and adding buttons/ features.

    Aristeia as-is is currently A22 compatible. The changes implemented thus far as part of the redesign process have been kept separate for now, but are also A22 compatible. All that needs to happen is for the redesign changes to be marked for inclusion into the file that people download so as to run the mod "Aristeia" on their computers. This action, once taken, can be reversed, but not cleanly. All in favour? Anyone against? After that, we can discuss making a "release" of Aristeia, if you desire one.
  13. It's possible, yes. It's just more gui. One possibility: changing the session gui to add a button that only appears when the Civic Centre is selected. Another possibility: What @vladislovbelov suggested. (There is no example. He was describing a possibility.) Requires changing the session gui to support hiding icons instead of greying them out in certain circumstances. Quite literally https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2243 https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20156-issue-with-territory-management/&do=findComment&comment=310314 So, mod support then?
  14. A22 issues

    (Knew I missed one.) Should now be fixed. Please update and try again.
  15. Hello modders! After some deliberation and discussion, we are planning to (temporarily) purge all History Strings from all templates in vanilla 0AD. These can be found in the xml files in the folder simulation/templates/ between the tags <History></History>. What won't be touched: The simulation/data/civs/*.json files. (For now...) Anything else in the template xml files. The technology files. The aura files. The reason we have decided to take this action is simple: The History Strings are not currently shown or used in any capacity in game. We wish to show them in game (specifically, using D297). But, they first need to be translated. There are a couple hundred of them. Adding this many strings to transifex in one go is unfair to translators. We also have to check the strings to make sure they are okay (make sense, well spelt, grammatically accurate, historically accurate, etc). Thus, many of the strings will end up changed or removed, making much of the initial translation efforts pointless. So the plan is: Dump them, Remove them, Review them, Add them back, in batches, over a number of months (so as to not stress our lovely translators). Why are we telling you this? This is a big change. Some of the mods you maintain contain history strings. You might want to check that they are okay as, if everything goes to plan, by the next release they will be visible to your players. Also, we may be looking into changing how History Strings (and historical content in general) are stored. If you have any concerns or queries, post below. Thank you for your attention. (And it probably won't happen until next week at earliest.)