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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    The code doesn't know that until it tests for it. Which is what it's trying to do. Last time I saw the contents of your mod (the "v1.01 release", if my notes are accurate), you did have a copy of simulation/components/EntityLimits.js and it doesn't have the function in it. I can't remember right now why you have a copy of the file - and I don't know if you still do - but either update it or remove it. (It looks like the only differences between the version in your mod at v1.01 and the current SVN-version are the missing function, and some added lines in the Schema example.)
  2. That would be something for @s0600204. (That language seen on that screenshot is german). *cough* D844
  3. Viewer

    Got it. Try it now.
  4. How to start modifying?

    It should now. Not backport-able: you will need to update your mod to be A23-compatible to use it.
  5. How to start modifying?

    Therein lies the problem. (if you'd moved them to "structures/{civ}/*.xml" and "units/{civ}/*.xml" you wouldn't have the problem, and you'd have even fewer files in each folder.) The simplest "fix" would be to move 'em back (or into the "{structures|unit}/{civ}/*.xml" folder layout). A "code fix" wouldn't really be worth it, as A23 should be released within a month or so. Thus, any code "fix" for A22 would have to be replaced by another "fix" for A23; and would make it harder to upgrade your mod to be compatible with A23. Considering where the change would have to take place, a "code fix" would also be unpleasant.
  6. Viewer

    1 - Fixed 2 - Unable to duplicate (or I'm misunderstanding you). 3 - Unable to duplicate. (In vanilla 0AD) Building a "Sentry Tower", upgrading it to "Defence Tower", then right-clicking the big entity icon: Template Viewer appears displaying stats of the "Defence Tower".
  7. Hyrule Conquest

    Thank you. I did say it was nowhere near complete, and clearly one of the things needed to do is check which files are actually needed and which aren't. (Did it for the gui. Mostly. Not so much for the simulation templates.) Doesn't have to be public. Github offers private repositories. (As previously mentioned in this thread.) GitLab does as well (and apparently offers them for free, unlike GitHub which requires a monthly subscription). Also, I'm not sure how GitHub handles repositories that are set to private but have "collaborators" (to use their nomenclature) who don't pay a monthly subscription. git apply {patchfile} (If you're using the command line. There should be an option in most gui abstractions of git that does the trick.) Of course, if you're going to put the project on github/lab it would be easier for me to fork and create a branch. That way you can see the changes split into discrete commits instead of all squashed into one as it is in that file.
  8. List of versions

  9. Hyrule Conquest

    Do you have a version for those of us who are not on Windows? (Or just a changeset perhaps.) Nowhere near complete, but as a start: hyrule_A23-squashed.patch (Could also provide it as a branch if there were some (semi-)public accessible repo...)
  10. Cavalry errors in Terra Magna

    I can't find any variants or animations relating to crossbows in vanilla-0ad. @Alexandermb claims to have created and committed animations for infantry crossbowmen in this forum post, but there's no sign of that in the Terra Magna repository on GitHub (might not have pushed changes). There are animations for what (according to the file name) is infantry crossbow melee dating back to 2012 from @Kimball, but these (a) appear to be unused and (b) are not loadable in/by Atlas ("Didn't find any objects in the scene" / "Couldn't find object to convert" / "Could not load animation [...]" / "Failed loading, marked file as bad").
  11. Hyrule Conquest

    Yeah, that's a bug. Someone care to fill out an issue on trac? Please? It does not, no. Y'know, hypothetically, if the repository was on GitLab/GitHub/whatever (locked down so only a select few could see it if that's your thing) it would make things easier for those selected few to suggest fixes and improvements through pull requests. There's clearly a couple of people present who want to help with the scripting side of things. (Unless it already is, but you haven't told us...) Side-effect of the hero-choosing thing at game start. Usually, a technology that can't be researched at a building or unit, but is still a requirement for something else, is a cause for concern. This?: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22904-how-does-the-armour-work
  12. Cavalry errors in Terra Magna

    @stanislas69, art isn't really my forte but I've created a branch with what I hope are the required changes for Terra Magna on GitHub. Before it gets merged into master, could you check I haven't done anything stupid/missed anything, please? When you find the time. (The indenting in the actor files is all over the place. Tabs in roughly half, spaces in most of the others, with a mix of both in some files. Haven't done anything with it in the afore-mentioned branch so its clear what the pertinent changes are, but it would be nice to sort it out at some point.)
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    Good; and, uh, no. (4k monitor? Lucky you.) Nothing besides the `gui.scale` config option which (can't yet be set via setting page in-game and) affects the entire gui.
  14. Hyrule Conquest

    Okay, I've done a little patr(e)onising... @The Undying Nephalim from playing around, I can tell you have two distinct problems with the Zora civ in the structree: The first is easily solved, and is caused by a typo in your `simulation/data/civs/zora.json` file. Under the section "StartingEntities" you have River Patrol units listed twice and the second instance misspells the unit's template name. The StartingEntities entries are used primarily by the random maps to know what to give the player to begin with, but also by the structree as a starting point to working out what a civ/faction can build/train/research/etc. As to the second - and why the structree thinks that nothing can research the town and city phases - the Zora are lacking something that the other factions do not: technologies that supersede and/or require other (non-phase) technologies. And guess what the structree currently uses to work out the phases... I've written and submitted a fix for svn/A23 (found here), but that doesn't really help you on A22 (as the code's changed and been relocated in the interim). As a stop-gap measure to get it to work (at least until you move your mod to A23 and can take advantage of the above fix), you can grab a copy of `load.js` from the A22 state of the 0ad repo (here), place it the appropriate location within your mod (`./gui/structree/load.js`), and replace the `unravel_phases` function within the file with the following: This assumes you don't have any custom phases, don't have any more than three phases, and that those three phases are named the same as what's in Vanilla 0AD. And when you do move/update your mod to A23 (whenever that gets released) please don't forget to erase this file. Hope that helps.
  15. The link in question points to a post containing an image that can also be found here on the @play0ad twitter feed, and here on Facebook. These two posts on LordGood's twitter feed are also relevant and may be of interest. And to answer your question: yes - at least in Atlas. They might not be made part of a civ's build order in-game (discussion is ongoing as to that), but they should be available for map creators to place in Atlas.