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Acropolis of Athens


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As i'm nearly finishing the map of the Acropolis of Athens, i would like to receive any feedback or suggestions regarding historical facts. So please if you are willing to help me, pointing me where i did a mistake by including or not, an historical building, let me know. The depicting period is the classical.

Some references: 



Starting with the @wowgetoffyourcellphone suggestion, but waiting to know which building i have to remove, as it confused me. lol


Top image is Roman times. Bottom image is classical times. 


Currently your agora includes Roman era structures like the big performance hall built by Agrippa that was plopped right in the middle. 

Of course, the official presentation of the map will have its proper introduction with some historical background, i will do my best at it. 

Here it goes





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4 hours ago, Skhorn said:

Thank you, and yes, the theater its to big, i was hoping that no one notice it. According to the images, there are 3 buildings that should go: the hall, the Odeon and the temple next to it, am i right @wowgetoffyourcellphone?

Yes. Also the verrry long stoa. That's the stoa of attalus which came in Hellenistic times. Also tge big square agoras elsewhere are Roman. :)

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