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google tranlate ..... is my idiom

unit elite iber fase 2 -skrinmister fanatic 

war tactics 


The Caetrati infantry were Iberian warriors who fought as light infantry, harassing the enemy before engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Although they used their great mobility and knowledge of the terrain to keep out of the reach of superior enemies, they often gave surprises to units that were not normally vulnerable to the attack of this type of troops.

His equipment was the small round shield or caetra, several javelins and the falcata. Normally they were placed at the forefront along with slingers of Balearic Islands to confront the enemy peltastas

Archaeological record


In contrast, infantry auxiliary troops
Light (leves armaturae, caetrati) would go mainly armed
Of javelins. And those light tips, shorter, and not
They required neither long nor metal bases or regatones,
Are those that we find with some frequency in the wall
Of Bear.
Appear tips of about 12 to 16 cm of total length, with
Hollow bucket (the sheet is folded with
Coarseness, showing the union suture) and tip of various
types. The most frequent in Osuna - and rare in others
Places - has a flat sheet of lenticular section or slightly
Rhomboid with arist




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The caetra, describes the small round shield of the skirmisher as opposed to the heavier and longer scutum of the main battle line warriors. In truth, however, the difference wasn't so defined. The Spanish excelled in guerilla tactics, using the difficult terrain of their homeland to good effect, executing swift sharp raids upon the unsuspecting Roman legions. This kind of warfare was new to the Romans and they learned quickly. The experience against the Spanish tribes was responsible for a number of martial reforms within the Republic in order to defeat this new enemy and Rome was forced to utilise every method available to them, in order to subdue these ferocious hardened warriors.

Is more related by shield than the faction  likevthe  Scutarii= Scutum where modern term Spanish become "Escudo"(shield)

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9 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Aquí el caetra español. En español.


 las tropas auxiliares de infantería ligera (leves armaturae,caetrati) irán sobre todo armados con jabalina

Auxiliary troops of light infantry(leves armaturae,caetrati) They will mainly be armed with javelin


data base museum national osuna ispain is a auxiliar light troop use light javalin and iron tip










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17 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Rome Total War 2 was very anachronistic.

sigue siendo los javalineros.

the inmortals and naked fanatics are lancers same ? 

and iber unit special guerrilla/economic war? is imposible at phase3 in phase 3 economic war is very dificul or imposible 

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