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[Suggestion] Gray Area Citizen / Mid-Citizen


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There's something that bugs me in the game, which is the fact that all the AI units are useless if their civic center has been destroyed, what doesn't make sense when we think that they could be of great use to our own civilization. Then here's my propose to make it more fun:

Gray Area Citizen / Mid-Citizen: A citizen who is not ours, but it's no theirs also.

The gray area citizen dynamics starts when we destroy a civic center of another civilization and so it goes by these rules:

More than one center

1) A small percentage (5%?) of the units inside the area of the destroyed civic center immediately becomes/converts into our citizens.

2) It's just a "mid-conversion": It is not attacked by our units out of our territory, but it can be attacked (50% chance per unit?) if it enters in our territory.

3) Will gradually turn into a real citizen of our civilization, when will no longer be attacked by our units at any time.

4) During the conversion process will not attack / will not accept orders to attack units of its original civilization, but will accept any other order.

5) Since the conversion principle will become a target for the units of the original civilization.

Just one center

1) A higher percentage (20%?) of the units of the other civilization immediately becomes/converts into our citizens.

2, 3, 4, 5) All the same as for  "More than one center".

So, what do you think?


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There should be a victory condition, somethink like 'Conquest Civic Centers', where if player loses all Civic Centers then they lose (maybe have a 5 minute countdown after losing the last Civic Center -- they need to build a new one or die!). Their units and buildings go Gaia (and become capturable?). And then there can be a victority condition called 'Conquest Any' which you can win/lose by either Conquest Civic Centers, Conquest Structures, or Conquest Units.


But yeah, the AI should have a more personality and play like  a human, but there's a long way until 1.0 release and there's still a lot of time to make the AI really cool. I have faith in the guy that do it. Maybe a thread where we talk about simple ways the AI can seem more human? You give a condition, then say what the AI can do to seem human.

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