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Recent Change to gentangents=true


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Hi. Recent change to gentangents=true does not work right for me. The change make gentangents=true on by default when GLSL is turned on. AO maps are gone now. I think this what gentangents=true is supposed to enable? Maybe? But now they are disable. The trees do not sway and there are no normal maps.

If I put gentangents=true back into local.cfg it still will not re-enable the AO maps like before the change. Without the AO maps the buildings look very flat.

Can anyone confirm?

EDIT: Alright, look like I have to manually toggle GLSL off and on in the in-game option menu. Then AO maps and normal maps and all that stuff show up. Maybe it has to reset the materialmgr.quality paramter or something. Still not good behavior.

EDIT2: I recent install latest alpha and I have svn version too. Maybe installing latest alpha screw up a file in appdata or something?

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