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General Gameplay Improvement

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Guys, let's talk about thing that can improve gameplay. Lets not talk about high-level features like formations. I'll give you example:

  1. Player and AI should be able to build building over single tree. This can help AI greatly when place building and gives players easier management of building placement. Tree don't block building placement and disappear when foundation put down. This can be done with tag or element in template so we can make mines unbuildable but trees and some eye candy buildable. (In my mod I'd make groves unbuildable but single tree buildable).
  2. When task player to chop a tree, attack a enemy structure or unit, or go mine metal, or any task like this, the target should flash white, briefl, to give player feedback to the eye.

Any other idea like these? Low-level. Not high-level concept.

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Should definitely make building on things like shrubs possible (that annoyingly restrictive Gaulish 3 player skirmish map).

I agree with the point about auto building locking placement. Would make city's look more authentic.

Buildings can't be killed by arrows? (To stop towers instantly destroying stuff)

When a resource collecting building is destroyed a small amount if treasure is placed, to allow the enemy to make effective raids. Seems like something that would be easy enough.

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@ wowgetoffyourcellphone and flashing target:

Yes, we will have to improve feedback to the player, both visual and audible.

For any command there should be a feedback and it should not be annoying (e.g. soft sounds, brief flashing target unit/circle on ground).

now you talk about that, we are forget the sound, we need differentiate Gaia animal attack from standard player alert attack.

The siege units need sounds when buildings receiving their damage.

Even capture needs own alert and sound( my opinion)

An different alert when you lost a CC.( this may need an artist to make specifics sound)

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other think to considerate is "break the meta"

in this example environment rush.

here is a playlist to take ideas how we can help to game "break the meta"

what I mean, learn how others play RTS games different from the average player.


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