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===[COMMITTED]=== New Animation (Work in progress)

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Seems that Jos3 stopped working on them. At least, he shared the files to the devs.

Right now Enrique had done some work on them, but don't know what is theĀ currenr state. IRC he showed some wip in some news report. Feels like he's working, slowly, but working of them.

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Well, i'm starting to make new animations for every type of unit in the game. It's a slow work so i'll be uploading every progress on the animation proposal. if something doesn't look good or can

+Choping wood v2 +Carry ore v2 +Carry wood wtf did smoke that woman at 1:47 ? anyway that video help me a lot, thanks Lion

I'll continue this work whenever i cant. Sadly i cant put all my time on it now, but i'll try to make some progress. I'm very sorry for the later update, soon i'll elabore why

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