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Detailed Build order with Gauls

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0 A.D. Gauls Strat (tested (many times)on pve vs very hard IA)

This is a build order I use against IA (very hard level), tried only one time against human player (and win but this doesn’t really validate this strategy against human players yet).

I think it can help beginners to have detailed Build orders and anyway I love strategy so just want to share with you guys.
There isn’t any subforum for strategy so I just put it here for now. I'm french so sorry for english mistakes.

C means cavalry
V means female villagers
S means soldiers

# means production

1C → Chicken then go around the base to find some animals to hunt. At 6/7min, go scout

4V → Farmstead near fruits → fruits, they’ll do a farm after finishing the fruits

4S → wood near CC

Research fruits upgrade

#5V → 1V will makes houses non stop, when you reach phase 2, she will make a market, 1V will go on fruits, 3V make a stock for wood near a good forest at the back of your base

#5V → wood

#5V → wood

Research wood upgrade after starting to build 4 Houses

#5V → wood

(You should have 18 villagers on wood at the back of your base now)

#5V → farm

Research farm upgrade after starting to build 6 Houses

#5V → farm

#5V → farm

4S that are on wood near CC → barack (before 4min) in front on your base then make a stock for wood near a forest in front of your base

#5S from Barack → wood

#5V → farm

#5V → farm

#5S from Barack → wood (at this point, I like to do some outpost (1 or 2) to see where the enemy will attack me)

#5V → farm

#5V → farm

(Now you should have 8 farms)

#5S from Caserne → wood

#5S from CC in continue→ wood

#5S from Caserne in continue → wood

Usually the IA attacks you now, you'll be ready to defend.

Upgrades from House (2 upgrades,I don’t know the names in english, one to increase your pop and one to make your villagers stronger)

Research transport ressources upgrades (i dont know the english name, it’s on the stocking building for wood/stone/metal, the upgrade on the right)
When you have 100 population, go on phase 2 (you should click before 10min)

What you do during transition to phase 2 depends on your strategy for phase II. I have two strategies I like with gauls, an economic one and an aggressive one.


  • this strat in base on the fact than infantry slinders don’t cost wood or metal, so you can use your wood and metal to research all the economic upgrades, use extra wood to add barracks, towers, market. use your food to make villagers and food+stone to make slinders. If you do this strategy, on phase 1, when you make soldiers, make more spearman than infantry skirmisher. For this strat, during transition to phase 2, upgrade stone and put some soldier on stone, you want to create lot's of slinders when you reach phase 2.


  • If you do this strategy, on phase 1 make more inf skirmisher than spearman. This is by far my favorite but more difficult to manage (however much more fun and exciting strategy). During transition to phase 2, you need to upgrade metal, send soldier to metal, make 2 barracks. When you reach phase 2, produce 15 cav swordsman non stop (this cost losts of food, you’ll need to add extra farms). Make groupes with CTRL+1, CTRL+2 etc. harass non-stop.

When you harass, send 15 cavalry on the right side of his base and the next 15 on the left size etc..(Don’t fight his army, you want to harass not destroy his army), these are the thing you want to kill/destroy first:

  • villagers on wood/stone/metal not too close from their CC

  • isolated infantry archers/skirmicher/slinders NOT Spearman !

  • an isolated barrack.

  • if your enemy don’t have many spearman, destroy the houses ! he won’t be able to make any spearman and you’ll win with your cavalry.

  • Try not to lose any cavalry, never engage the fight, if his army follows you, just turn around his base, soon you’ll have 3-4 groups of cavalry in his base so he won’t be able to defend everywhere

Don’t forget to take care of your base during the harass, make villagers, soldiers, upgrade your economy, expand etc...

Please try it and give me some feedback and advices !

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Christian, tell me if you want me to change the format of this build order, maybe it can be more clear. Anyway I think that everyone should have the same "format" for build orders on this forum so it will be more clear for eveybody.
About this build, now that I practiced a lot online, I can tell you it is very strong, actually I lost only 1 game with this build (1v1 rated, 1v1 non rated and 2v2 all together) and it was against the Ptoleme archer's rush.

The objective of this build is that at the moment you reach phase 2, you start producing 15 sword cav (from 3 barracks 5by5) two times in a row. You start harrassing and then you have many option:
- continue harass
- go all in with your inf skirmisher/spearman from phase1
- transition to full infantry with skirmisher/spearman/slingers (very strong mix)
- expand with a CC
- go economy
- fast phase 3

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I use a build order similar, but I use less womans and I try make more soldiers. I make 25 womans and 20 soldiers and stock resources to Phase 2.

Two view points: First, is the time, I think is much steps to do all things in less 10 min, but that's ok if want harass your oponenet with your cav, but to build CC and expand I think it's much time. Other problem is a great number of womans, I counted 50, really it isn't a great problem because is rare early attacks in a17, but if your enemy try harass or see that weak you get serious troubles.

I need test for more view points, but I will try to do it using Romans.

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Firstly, I have another build order against rushes, it's much more powerfull than this one except for a cav sword harass

About this build order:
I need 10/12 farms to be able to pop my cav sword. That's why I need a least 50 woman. (I usually get phase 3 at 17min with 60 woman and 240 army with this start)

Two view points: First, is the time, I think is much steps to do all things in less 10 min

I didn't understand what you mean. sorry ^^

you get serious troubles.

As i said before i've never lost with this BO (more than 25 games 1v1 and 2v2). Tau tried to rush me with some cav with romans but i could defend and win later in the game

I need test for more view points, but I will try to do it using Romans.

It doesn't work with romans because of the house difference. I'll upload a Roman's BO soon

I use a build order similar, but I use less womans and I try make more soldiers. I make 25 womans and 20 soldiers and stock resources to Phase 2.

Let's make a 1v1 :P

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After Phase, you change the womans in wood to farm? In this BO you don't explains it change, I do it.

In first view point I tried to say I think it's necessary 10 min or more to do all this things, but if you just harass your enemy in Phase 2, it isn't a great problem. It's my opinion because I prefer get Phase 2 and expand more fast I can. Ina good day I begin Phase near at 8min. But I'm testing others ways to make it's more fast and with a good economy.

But the game don't is resume a BO, it's others thing. Tau used spearmen cav.? Your BO it's based in boom festivel fertility? I try think one strategy to counter it with Romans, but I'm not able to test at moment.

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Yes I forgot to put on the BO. During phasing I do 3 things, put 15 soldiers on metal, make 2 more barracks (to get to 3) and do 2 or 3 farms (with females on the wood)

As you said this BO is just an example to help beginners, in game, after scouting the enemy i usually change some stuff.

Tau used spearman fav indeed.

No I don't use boom festival fertility

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I try use it with Romans and I need confess: is a good BO.

I click to Phase 2 at 10min and finish at 11:55. But with a large stock of food and wood, perfect to build a great cavalry army.

The problems with Romans is the Barracks need 100 wood and 200 stone, build Barracks in Phase 1 is a problems. Maybe the time can be corrected but I think the time stay in this base between 9~12 min.

Now I want see your BO for Romans. Today I tried advance in my BO for rush with Romans. My idea is something like sword rush, but I'm very slowing and maybe I can't balance the range infantary and the sword infantary. I make 50 swordmen at 13min. build a CC near, build two barracks and attack. I sending reforces from the new CC and Barracks. Somethings works others not, but this is making me sad, I think it didn't work. Maybe Romans isn't a good faction to make rush. Maybe it's a faction to late games.

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@Peregrino, Thank you for testing man.

About romans, I need more practice to post a good BO.
But you are right, romans late game is awesome (Sword cav champions + scorpions are really strong units)

With romans, I thought about making the same kind of harass I do with gauls but by using Cav Skirmisher following the same rule, when I reach phase 2 I want to be able to produce 15 cav skirmisher in a row for a good harass.

I'll keep practicing with Romans and share my Build Order soon.

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You're right. I have greats results with skirmisher cav. in several games using the Romans. But I want try something using the best of romans: your infantary, but maybe this impossible in this moment because the units are unbalance.

Yes, the Phase 3 of Romans is great. I begin this new BO a few days ago, before I tried get Phase 3 more fast and build strongholders near my enemy and use the Scorpions. The civic bonus for Romans will be 10% of armour, this show for me that Romans are a civic of conquer territory and try to put the enemy against the wall. Maybe in a future.

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This BO is great for economy, but I think a little slow.

I tested with others players, just lose one. But is a little slow, a finish Phasing 2 in 11~12 min., for a good players it's time build a CC near of you.

I trying resolve this.

I don't think phasing early or CC early is good in 0ad. And you say for a good player, building CC at 11/12min is normal. Please give me some names ^^.

I'm rank 4 at the moment, I've never phase before 9min... I won against top players and in none of these game my enemy did a fast CC.

The thing is, for example in starcraft, fast expanding clearly give you an economic advantage but in 0ad it's only for territory. And against good players that are quite agressive, that means more territory to defend.

In my new BO, I phase at 10min30, and this worked against Wesono and Butcher so I don't feel that trying to improve a BO means trying to phase faster.

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alekusu have right in 0 A.d The military career is in the star with CS( citizen Soldiers) and very early Rush is big possibly, different than Aok and mostly maps are not easily to defend o to cut the pass to your base like Starcraft


This strategy is good in team because you focus in a Attack enemy base but not defend yours. An ally is useful if can couter a enemy maneuver. And can be great task with a Turtle that uses skirmishers as base unit and palisades defending their base.

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I partly agree. It's more important have a good economy for the next Phase, but time is important too. I consider myself a player a little above average, with my old BO I can Phasing at 8 min. and build a CC in 11/12 min. The problem is I just lost with much things to do in same time, build towers, more units, where and others.

More one time: I partly agree. A early CC isn't an economic advantage, in first moment, but if you made a first CC of game you have more strategic options (for exemple, conquest the center of map) or pressing the enemy lines with towers and more important with reforces for attack. - The BO was working is about this, make a CC more fast and near of my enemy, build barracks and attack, sending the reforces.

As I said at another time, the player it's more than your BO. How long do you play RTS? How long do you play 0ad?

I think a better BO has a good economic but has to speed. I try to found ways to get the same results of the "BO of 10 min.", but in less time.

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I played RTS for more than 10 years now.
AoK and expansions
AoM and expansions


Bfme 1 and 2 and expensions
Starcraft 2 and expensions

I played 0ad for about a month now.

I agree, a player is more than a BO of course.

I think a better BO has a good economic but has to speed. I try to found ways to get the same results of the "BO of 10 min.", but in less time.

I agree, a good BO needs speed but speed for me doesnt mean expand fast or phasing fast, speed means having more pop and upgrade than my enemi.

OK, a fast expand give you many option for later in game but against good players you won't reach "later in game" with a fast expand.

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I agree with your points, but I think the first CC is very important, soon phasing is important too.

I'm not saying go to Phase 2 and Expand without a good economic base, I just searching things to do both things. Your BO have a good economic base, but I think that need more speed, in this case time, but without lose your good economic base.

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guys this build is Obsolete, i have a much better one now that make this one look ridiculous actually

I don't use this build anymore, but in my new one I still phase late (10min30)

Can you develop ? why do you think first CC and soon phasing are important ?

What do you get in the 2/3 min you are in phase 2 and i'm still in phase 1 ? (I'll get more army but what will you get ?)

In my BO, I never stop producing female or solider, I'm not even saving for phasing, I continue producing from barrack and when I get the extra money I phase (and continue producing from barrack when phasing).

If you stop production even for 2/3min, you'll be behind in economy and army size.

Anyway she should settle this ingame :P

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At moment, I use your BO, I'm trying change somethings.

My BO is the samething, but I use less womans, I use 25 womans. When the fruits get over I build 5 farms and begin my soldiers production. After I make 20 soldiers in others I make 40 and click to phasing. When is phasing I put 15 soldiers in Iron and10 in stones, and make more soldiers for wood. My other "BO" it's more a strategy after Phase, my idea is make a lot of swordman and build a CC next my enemy, building 2 barracks to send reforces to attack. The problem is I can't create a balanced betwen melee and ranged units, and ranged cav. yet have a great impact in this game.

Is a trade. You need stop in some moment to Phase and to build a CC, no? I just make it before.

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Other important thing: the BO can be used by general factions. But the goals for the next Phase are some differents.

I can make some rush with Romans in Phase 2, but I don't think it's efective like the Gauls for exemple. The gauls can rush your enemy in Phase I and I belive it's possible finish a match. But with Romans I don't think the same thing.

How I discuss with you, maybe the Romans are best for later game and I need think stretegys conquest more territory (I love Romans and love rush and fast games, it's hard tell it). Maybe we can discuss about it. How factions are more strongers for early, mid, later game? What's an early , mid and later game? We know, but are conecpts no defined yet.

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