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[Suggestions] on: "differences that could be made between civs" and "more.."


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  <Loot>    <xp>100</xp>    <food>5</food>    <wood>0</wood>    <stone>0</stone>    <metal>0</metal>  </Loot>  <Looter/>  <Promotion>    <RequiredXp>100</RequiredXp>  </Promotion>

From the xml of infantry units A17. This is not changed from A16. sorry. You can be right tho if you want to be. i will not judge! :)

sorry you are right :P i thought he did :P

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I believe that destroying an enemy unit or structure gives a player a fraction (maybe 1/10th(?)) of what it cost the opponent in specific resources to train or build it.

Practically speaking, the food gain from killing a unit could represent the food-buying power of money or precious metals on the unit's corpse, or perhaps the guy's armour and weapons that are sold or bartered for food.

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What is PVE?

Player vs. Environment

Basically PVE already exists in 0 A.D., but I want to take it further because if you want to be a conqueror you need to be a survivor first.

​What do I mean / want?

I want the PVE to be increased or at least a setting which allows you to increase it.

Phase 1 (should be) is about surviving vs. Gaia: Lions, wolves, deserters, barbarians, etc.

This would make walls more useful in my opinionm especially palisades.

Maybe the bigger the map, the more PVE?

How does stamina and PVE work together?

Yet again on Giant maps: you cannot just send some females to build a CC near the enemy, they will get killed by animals.

Sending Soldiers will take much more time since many will be damaged and thus weaker and with less stamina.

So in big matches expansion will be near your own base, not your enemies'. Proper expansion, harder to maintain bases that are not connected to yours, unless you have walls or cavalry.

Why? (again)

For giant map matches, politics will become more interesting, the matches itself will be more interesting and take longer.

Cavalry raids on enemy troops to slow them down.

Healers will become much more used again.

Quick note on Iberians: men on palisades enabled so that the iberian starting walls are palisades(and maybe give an option to upgrade pallisades to proper walls?)

I like the idea, Ao3 have many PvE : bandits, fierce exotic animals, thief, rebels etc. that give some life to the maps, treasure guardians is my favorite , warcraft 3 have their "creeps"

Here is an example of Trasure guardian min 17

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