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Sure, I'll do my best ^_^

Ok, I saw that the timeframe of Millenium A.D. is from 476 A.D. till 968 A.D.

So it means that it comprises 4 periods of Japanese history:

古墳時代 : Kofun-jidai (approx. 300 -552) [A.D.] (maybe too early?)

飛鳥時代 : Asuka-jidai (552-710)

Note: Instead of Asuka and Kofun, you can simply say 大和時代 Yamato-jidai (250-710)

奈良時代 : Nara-jidai (710-794)

平安時代 : Heian-jidai (794-1192)

note: jidai, basically means era or period in japanese

Not sure If he can count as a hero, but the first person that pops into my mind from the Asuka-Period would be "Shōtoku Taishi"


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As for the Japanese wonder, I would suggest the "Tōdaiji"



I know that Age of Empires 2 too, used this as Wonder but you simply can't deny it's magnificence. :P


Actually, this building (Daibutsuden) is from 1709.

The original one was about 30% wider.

Model and reconstruction of the original temple



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This topic is about the earlier japanese than the ones described in the other topic:

An appropriate timespan would be from the Asuka Period till the Heian Period. (From 538 A.D. till 1185 A.D.) but the focus should be on the Heian Period since that was the longest lasting and the most important.


Useful links for this topic:

Art Wishlist: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18688

Brief Japanese history on the Heian Period: http://www.jref.com/japan/history/heian_period.shtml

Late Japanese topic: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18648&page=2

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My Hero proposal

Minamoto no Yoritomo: The first Shogun of Japan and Founder of the Kamakura Shogunate




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I did some research (by looking at my old notes and searching through the web) and made this brief historical overview

A brief overview of the History of Japan: From Asuka to Heian

Asuka-Period (552A.D. – 710 A.D.) / Nara-Period (710A.D. – 794 A.D.)

-Buddhism became a state religion in Japan

-Adoption of Chinese characters, in Japan known as Kanji

-Chinese (Sui and T’ang Dynasty) pattern of centralized government through various reforms, codes etc. (e.g.Taika Reform, Taihō Code and Ritsuryō system)

-Establishment of the first Japanese capital: Heijō-kyō (today known as Nara)

[Capital was modelled after the Chinese capital Chang-An]

-Tōdaiji was built

Heian-Period (794A.D. – 1192.A.D.)

-Capital moved from Nara to Heian-kyō (known as Kyōto today)

-Court dominated by the Fujiwara-Clan (mostly through marriage)

-Gradual decline of Chinese influence

-Considered to be the Golden Age of Japanese art, especially for its poetry and literature

-Invention of Kana, syllabic Japanese writing system (Hiragana and Katakana)

-New Buddhist sects were imported (e.g. Tendai and Shingon Buddhism, esoteric sects)

Later Heian-period (around 1068 A.D.)

-Go-Sanjō Tennō assumed the throne (determined to rule the country by himself)

-Decline of the Fujiwara-Clan’s power (They failed to control the new Tennō, because his mother was not a Fujiwara)

-Two clans, Minamoto (Genji) and Taira (Heike), gained power

-Rise of the Samurai class

-Genpei-War (Conflict between Taira and Genji, which resulted in the fall of the Taira)

-Establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate and thus ending the Heian-Period

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