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Willing to contribute but don't know where to start

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Hi everyone!

First of all, I discovered this game 2 days ago and I find it amazing, especially for an open-source game!

I have lot of experience in C++ and a little bit in Blender. I'd like to contribute on this game but I'm not sure how the tickets system is working.

How do I pick up tasks and assure that those were not picked by someone else?


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The best way of working is to get to know the game first. See its problems. Then you can find something you want to do, either an existing task, or something you find lacking yourself. In both cases, it's good if you drop by on the #0ad-dev quakenet irc channel to ask some questions about the code or the specifications. Also when your patch is done, it's good if you come by that channel for a quicker review.

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