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temporary solution for o problem with lines with "%".


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I have one temporary solution for o problem with lines with "%".
In some cases it's necessary the "+" with number. Example: +25%.
In other cases add a next letter of english translation. Example: Line 338
+25% health for spear infantry, but also +10% train time.
+25% h de saúde para os lanceiros mas também +10% t em tempo de recrutamento.

And other problem is ⏎

English: Line 2711
Classes: Hero Healer.⏎
Hero Special: "Healer" - Heal units at an accelerated rate.⏎
Hero Special: "Teacher" - Empower a building to research and train +50% faster.⏎
Hero Special: "Philosopher" - Research 4 special technologies only available to Chanakya.

Resolved in portuguese:
Categoria: Herói sacerdote.
Habilidade especial de herói: Médico - Cura todas as unidades rapidamente.
Habilidade especial de herói: Professor - Guarnece num edifício para investigar e recruta 50% f mais rápido.
Habilidade especial de herói: Filósofo - Investiga 4 tecnologias especiais só disponíveis para Kautilya.

In my opinion, one definity solution is in english eliminate all "%" and writing "100 Percent".

The problem with "&" it's:


André Rodrigues

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Please don't do that "50% f mais rápido" trick. They'll make it hard to track down the strings with issues. It's better to just leave them not translated. That way they're easier to find.

And as leper said, you can download the po file, edit it offline, and upload it again. This avoids the % problem too, and you can give the correct translations.

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This is definitely a Transifex bug. Download, edit with Virtaal and upload the changes. If Transifex should complain about the file you're trying to upload, open and save in Poedit. Poedit does some checks on the file that Virtaal does not, but I personally prefer Virtaal as an editor otherwise,

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