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0 AD DeviantArt page?

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Hey lion, didn't notice that before! :D

Perhaps you could make Ludo and I admins and we could open up an inspiration folder. I know of plenty of artists that work in the ancient scene. Perhaps we could draw their eye by requesting their art for feature

and maybe we ought to have a folder for game development as well, for emblems, models, and other artworks that are used on the forums

I can't request to join, is this group invite only?

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Ok I watched too :).try to upload some art works. We need this group can be a succes and bring more artist. You can be a good Ace in the hand.

See I love this old school art. In Empire Earth and total war were great. This for Rome 2.



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This video can be useful to know how sketches can be useful in manual for the gaming, may be we printed for a donator (like indiegogo Fundraiser). Think in this easy, may be I have a lot of this examples from other RTS games.

Other do posters or wallpaper for the fans, they love see how the process to make models.

Loading screen art.

Is there a lot of promo Material can will be do with sketches from our artist.

Where some people ask where can find material. This a alternative to only use screen captures.



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