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3d viewing inside forum

tuan kuranes

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There's a lot of great very high quality 3d modeling in 0ad and mods, but hard to really view and contemplate each of them (or and commenting, etc.)

It would be great if we could see them in 3D, and even better if it can show up inside forum/blog post.

A simple way to do that would be uploading you work (dae is supported out of the box in the upload form, but there's 3d softwares exporter plugins) inside the forum, using www.sketchfab.com (free) and then just copy/paste the bb embed link auto-generated by sketchfab, which gives :

maur_civic_centre.dae (click to view in 3D)


(edit: changed to sanderd17 uploaded model as demo)

Best would be to go the way like other forums did, allowing iframes from sketcfab, allowing to embed it directly in the forums ( no new window ), but that need forum admin work ( https://sketchfab.com/faq#embed )

Would be nice for all the glorious art discuss/share/view.

( could also leads to nice art galleries on blogs/sites, by civilisations, by artists, by mods, etc.)

(need a nice browser with webgl enabled for a good 3D view, like chrome or firefox)

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I've read the terms of service, and it looks pretty good. This part is the most interesting:

18.2 User’s intellectual property

For the purpose of using the Services, the User explicitly authorizes Sketchfab to use any Content protected by intellectual property rights in accordance with the following arrangements:

> Sketchfab may store the Content for the purpose of using the Services,

> Sketchfab may reproduce and represent all or part of the Content in any format on any page of the Website,

> More generally, Sketchfab may reproduce and represent the Content in any format, by any means and on any medium, solely for the purpose of promoting the Website,

> Sketchfab may adapt the Content for the purpose of implementing the above provisions. The User therefore explicitly acknowledges and accepts that the Content may be modified in terms of its framing, format and colors, and that there may be an alteration or deterioration in quality, depending on the technical constraints relating to the publication of the Files. He or she undertakes not to make any claims or demands against Sketchfab in this respect.

Considering the purpose of the services, which allow the User to publish his or her own Files, the above authorization is granted free of charge, and the User expressly renounces any right to ask Sketchfab for any form of payment, fee, compensation or financial offsetting in this respect. This authorization is granted for the entire world and for as long as the User subscribes to the Services.

So you keep intellectual property right. But Sketchfab is allowed to use the work for certain purposes (s.a. editing and displaying it for promoting the website). The only thing you can't ask is getting paid when your content is published.

So to me, this seems perfectly compatible with CC-BY-SA, as you can ask them to mention 0A.D. and the license when they publish your content. Which is just what we need for CC-BY-SA.

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@enrique: Once inside the 3D viewer, try the bottom "chained link" icon, and click on "embed" in the popup, it gives a bbcode you can just insert in this forum textArea (click on the "switch" in the textarea toolbar), paste the bbcode they generated and that gives the nice image+link to the viewer, which gives automatically that for your model:

sketchfab test.blend (click to view in 3D)


@sanderd17: seems dae directly from the repository would need to hack on of the exporters script for upload/sync all models painlessly (and resolving textures path on the fly)

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