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Windows vs Linux


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Hey everybody,

First off hats off to the dev's of this game, I started with the AIII and now just played the Alpha VII and it's fantastic, runs a little slugish on the laptop but that's all I got haha

So anyways my question for you guys is what does this run better on? Linux or Windows? Also any little tricks I can use to speed it up? (Slow because of my graphics I assume/know haha)


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For me, another FOSS game I play works much better in Linux, but when it comes to 0 A.D, it looks like it works just about the same in either OS.

So yeah, drivers (and kernel version) probably has the most impact, but other factors might tune in as well (I dunno why the other game works better with Linux, but I'm fine with that ;) ).

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for following /trunk/ the Windows users have a binary, while Linux users prefer to compile for themself.

The current fps bottleneck is not the graphics or IO, but somewhere in AI pathfinding/economy update, iirc. So both Windows and Linux become really slow sometimes, independent of OS.


PS: It looks as if AI compute scripts/plan setup/economy update eats a lot of time, once an AI lost its civ center.

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0 a.d. works fine for me on an integrated intel using Debian 6. It is a little sluggish (mostly when I zoom out the map or click on something) but quite playable. If the requirements are about the same as they are now when finished it really looks as great and beats modern-ish games in performance. I am happy it works on my low end linux laptop.

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