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  1. Good to hear language support is on dev. Just translated about 13% of the game to Finnish together with my cousin.
  2. So we would then make walls and swords from "minerals"? That would be quite weird. Better solution could be that there is just big bunch of rock and when its mined, it gives iron and stone. So there would be still 4 resources but getting them is bit different.
  3. I know its kinda lame but I am testing that because it seems to be used so much and I started wondering if it really works. Here is the straight link: http://www.youtube.com/user/LinuxEki
  4. Deleted my old rusher fork and forked yours again. edit: too bad my tweaks to older version of rusher code are on brtfs filesystem. Can't access them atm
  5. Long time no post. I made that rusher bot long time ago from qbot but never posted codes... I should start again and this time make it available for everyone How do I get your qbot newest code again in github? Since there has been so many updates for qbot that current rusher code is old in many ways.
  6. It's been long time since my last 0.A.D video... Hopefully I have interest to do some more in the future. http://adf.ly/3o5Po My channel.
  7. You can already get code of qbot. If I manage to make something good that works like I want then I will post code for others to test.
  8. I am trying to make rusher from qbot. Its bit hard because I can't code a single line of javascript But I will try changing the way how qbot does things. Some progress. Attacks in under 4 minutes on random latium map while original qbot takes 9-12 minutes for first attack. If tested on Oasis II attack times are quite the same 7-9mins for both.
  9. Thank you very much!! Now I can do AI comparison video between qbot and jubot. Splitbot isn't working for me atm.
  10. Tested 2 times on Oasis II. Now it attacked several times with 15 troops before I crushed them. 170 pop and then larger force attacks? Imo its high. I would set it around 110 and then bot would start building troops for larger attack. On second test run splitbot said that it cannot find place to build. At their base several workers were faced on their CC and tried to build something on top of it. Time warped some minutes and nothing happened.
  11. I will test it again with newest build from svn and 0ad.dev repository. Maybe I didn't wait enough For me its just strange if AI doesn't do anything aggressive within 20minutes. Edit: Actually I now remember one match where splitbot attacked qbot. But the situation was not clear to say if it was pure attack or defending own workers. Qbot and splitbot gathered resources from same place and other side attacked others workers and other went to defend them. Because splitbot was stronger atm it continued following worker stream to qbot base and had big battle there. Also it was sending reinforcements. Edit: Got it. Gives error. I have had thought its not critical because bot was still running fine but this time I read it through. Seems it can't find where my CC is. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js line 128 TypeError: me.getCivicCenter() is undefined ([object Object],"11",[object Object])@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:128 ((function (ent, str) {"use strict";var tmpDistance;if ((tmpDistance = org.zeroad.common_api.Utils.VectorDistance(ent.position(), me.getCivicCenter().position())) < nearestOponentEntityDistance) {nearestOponentEntityDistance = tmpDistance;nearestOponentEntity = ent;}return false;}))@simulation/ai/common-api/entitycollection.js:99 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:126 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:1059 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:795 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:775 ()@simulation/ai/SplitBot/SplitBot.js:734 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/common-api/base.js:91 @:0
  12. Yeah I meant console commands. Dividing by 1000 (ty quantum) shows in seconds so its enough for me.
  13. Is there some command that would show me how long I have been playing? When you win/lose you will see how much time elapsed but I want to check while playing.
  14. I have tested Persians and I am going to make little comparison video about jubot and qbot while I am Persians. Buildings look really good.
  15. Latest rev with that bug fix now gives linux client.
  16. Not even single warning after update-workspaces or make config=release -j5. edit: Yes, I use command line.
  17. OS: Ubuntu 10.10 Yesterday I used svn to get latest code for testing persians. Build was successful and I got working linux client of 0ad which was /binaries/system/pyrogenesis. But today I applied bounding box patch and complied again. Linux client disappeared and there was pyrogenesis.exe in /binaries/system/. I removed whole svn download, checked out it again and compiled. Again, no linux client. I followed strictly this guide: http://trac.wildfire...tructions#Linux Also that /binaries/system/test is missing. Oh no... There were already topic about this issue Merge or sumthing. Interesting that I once got working linux build but jackyohh did not. rev 10385 solved the problem.
  18. Releasing on desura or anywhere does not mean you must put somekind of drm on it.
  19. More challenge this time. I rushed them but the amount of women is so stunning that I can never kill all those with 20-28 soldiers. I can't even stop wood gathering which would stop soldier production. There were one tower already when I came. I destroyed it and some reinforcements that bot made but then bot started to build 3 towers and it was gg. Lost my men and had to concentrate my poor economy. Final solution was to make some rams and quickly destroy CC. Then towers and barracks. I played on random badlands and bot tried to build in top of some hill which was not accessible by troops. It didn't halt building production luckily.
  20. Really impressive quantumstate. Played on Oasis 2. First time in 0AD gaming history I got attacked by such large force I just watched bot growing base and did not pay much attention to my own growth. I made small force (5eleph, 10 bow, 5spear 4 siege) and attacked to see how it would defend itself. Defending soldiers were no match but bot had decided to make huge force quickly for attack purpose. Troops started to spawn in the middle of my small army and killed half of my remaining army and then set course to my CC. It attacked 2 times with large force. Then I camped outside their territory with bowmen and killed every women who were going to chop some wood. Bot sent 100-150 women to death in 12 minutes. One suggestion for bot would be it that it sends soldiers to protect women if they are attacked. I could just set stand ground for bowmen and let them shoot even buildings. Also I did not see a single tower.
  21. Ok. Getting newest code first. I test new versions of bots with reveal map enabled so I can see how they grow and if they are bugged.
  22. I played small (2pl.) random map on latium. Qbot was the second player. I will test it more today. Giving reports later.
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