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Hello I am NOXAS1 and me and a few others worked on the last community map. It was such and enjoyable experience that I would like to (With Wildfire games blessing of course) start a community project topic that will allow people to work together and make maps for new releases or map packs. As I said it was a lot of fun for me working with the community and I hope other people will enjoy it as much as I do.

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I guess I'm waiting for the ok first. If this idea is approved I would like to make a map of the places where the Norse came from or maybe a Britain map and pretend that the Saxon's (punny because that's my name) are invading or have an inter-tribal war? Any other ideas welcome.

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Great idea I think, so no movement between canyons what so ever?

The canyons don't have to span the entire map - each player starting position should be reachable by all other players.

Edit: For example you could have a large deep canyon in the middle (gray areas), but it can be walked around on the top layers (green):


That's just one idea, you guys should decide what you would like to work on :)

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I found a list of flora near Verdon river(Mont Ventoux). There is Aleppo Pine, Scots Pine, Maritime Pine (there is a lot of them on the coast), "Pins à crochets" (in mountains), Pubescent Oak, Sessile Oak, Kermes Oak, St Lucie cherry, Holm Oak, Acer monspessulanum, Beech, Common Whitebeam, Common Ash.


A Common Whitebeam.


A Holm Oak.


Maritime Pine. It prefers sand and acid soils.

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Probably best to stick with the Temperate biome terrains, but that's just my preference.

Yeah, I didn't care of the introduction: north side of Mont Ventoux is temperate and south side is mediterranean. Now I have to sort which is temperate or mediterranean :/

But I found a interressant sentence : "Le chêne vert est l'espèce emblématique du midi méditerranéen Français puisqu'il constitue, avec le pin d'Alep et les genévriers, l'espèce dominante de la garrigue"

I can translate with my poor english : The holm oak is the emblematic species of mediterranean southern France because it forms, with Aleppo Pine and Juniper, the main species of garrigue.

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