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0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod Announced


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0 A.D. modding team Scion Development has announced that it is debuting a mod for 0 A.D. based on China under the Han dynasty.

<blockquote>The Rise of the East is a modification that strives to bring China as a civilization into the game, meticulously researched to be as historically accurate as possible. In addition to the civilization, we plan to implement a full campaign, featuring recreations of famous historical moments, new random maps, and more. As development progresses, we will periodically update the fans with the latest news, and release promotional media although it will take some time before the entire modification is finished. To commemorate our debut, we've released a small unit pack to give the fans a preview of what is to come, which can be downloaded below.</blockquote>

siegeoftiyrns.jpg showcase-louchuan.jpg bamboo.jpg

Way to go and here's hoping this is just the first of many!

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Quick question: Does this bring China into the game as an extra civilization? Or does it replace a current civ with China? If the question seems weird its likely because I'm an aoktc modder.

Not a weird question at all. I come from AoM modding myself, so I understand how frustrating that can be. :D 0 A.D eliminates the need to replace civilizations to add new ones entirely. The Chinese faction will be available in addition to the six factions already in the game.

maybe great show off but having the civ extra makes it uncomfortable for the players when getting the whole content. It might be also difficult to keep the both mods compatible... if it would be just one mod it would work out better in my opinion

The mod is actually being developed by a separate entity from Wildfire Games. Scion Development is not technically affiliated with the official team, and the projects are being developed independently of one another. It's not like the WFG team got together and said, "Hey, let's make a Chinese mod but not include it in the game!" Good question though, thanks for asking. :)

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nah i don't think it will. and btw there will be many mods in the feature, why include this particular one??? just because it's the first? than it wouldn't be a mod anymore;)

why we're working on this mod while we're still in the development team is becuase we use this mod to keep our motivation high. you need variation in project to not get bored. *if you're bored with the a project, work on another one, cuz when you get bored of that one you'll get back to the first* ;) ( woo that did sound wise, though it where my own words :o (A) )

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How about making the release one by one?

0AD -

  • The Roman Republic
  • The Carthagians Empire
  • The Celtic Tribes
  • The Hellenic States
  • The Iberian Tribes
  • The Persian Empire

Guarantee more players from Asia
0AD - Rise of the East
  • The Chinese
  • The Japanese
  • The Korean
  • The Khmer
  • The Majapahit
  • The Maurya
  • The Srivijaya

Need collaborations from contributors that have more information on the Empires in America

0AD - Age of Warriors

  • The Nazca
  • The Aztec
  • The Inca
  • The Maya
  • The Zapotec
  • The Tiahuanaco
  • The Wari

One stable version of 0 AD, and I strongly believe the rest can be handled by modders and fans as long as a civilization builder pack is available:
  • Map Editor
  • Unit Editor
  • Building Editor
  • Audio Editor

Then the team can pick from several mods/civs created by modders/fans to be incorporated in future release.

With a "official / standardized" civilization builder pack, may prevent incompatibility issues.

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that you mentioned the point of view the History http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocentrism.

I wouldn't say the reason for 0 A.D. being what it is is quite that simple, indirectly I'm sure it's part of the explanation as a general focus on European/Near Eastern history in the west have influenced what is seen in movies etc and thus what people are interested in. Directly it's not that simple though, 0 A.D. started out in many ways as a continuation of the Rome at War mod and with a desire to create a game based on Rome and it's enemies. I still think that should be the focus of the first release/releases, but where the game goes from that is as much up to the community as a whole as to WFG :)

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but Rome trades with India and China, an combat against Etopian tribes.

you mean this XD


Hmm, to some extent yeah =) But mostly I just meant that at the moment only a set number of civs are included in 0 A.D. and then I explained why :) I did not say that the civs included now are the only ones that will ever be included ;)

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