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4 Months Guys, 4 Months ... :d


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Information on release dates are purely the domain of the "Holy of Holies", so I'll leave that one for Jason. :)

But, I'll take this opportunity to shed some light on the matter of release dates as it pertains to the nature of an online project.

a] We're new to this. For most of us, this is our first project of this scale. That means a lot of unknowns, a lot of experimentation, a lot of growth and learning, a lot of mistakes and learning from mistakes. In many respects, we simply have no idea how long something will take to do until we've done it.

b] This is a hobby, not a full-time job. We only clock as many man-hours as people are willing and able to give at any time. Members come and go. Stuff happens (I, for example, have been bedridden for the last couple of weeks following an operation, which affects the time I can commit).

And since we're not doing this for a living, we can expect things to take three times longer than they would in the 10-20 hour days of "real world" game development (then double that for insurance). Where, I might add, it still takes several years to ship a game with full-time trained professionals.

c] We want to take the time to do this right. No money, development contracts, salaries, monthly costs, or external influences like publisher mandates are in place to force us to ship a buggy product by Christmas, come what may. We're in the best possible position to have it done when it's ready.

In short, it's tough to schedule and define timed milestones when man hours aren't fixed and performance can't be quantified. Any fixed date could therefore be described as little more than a vague goal to encourage motivation.

However, if you want a guesstimate ... We've made unprecedented progress in the last few months, and I have no doubt that it's going to just keep getting better in the months to come.

Even so, given the ambitiousness and complexity of the project, that the technology is being entirely built from the ground up (including creating a viable infrastructure for TLA and RTS modding), and the circumstances under which we work, I wouldn't expect to see a beta this year. But I do anticipate that we'll see significant progress along the path to that destination.

I say that now because I wouldn't want to see us accused of "pulling a Valve" come Christmas. Nor of hyping the game to unattainable heights a la Tiberian Sun.

But, if you feel that we're taking too long and/or you can't wait, let me offer a suggestion ...


WFG exists because people all over the world are willing to come together, give up their free time, and work long hours in order to accomplish a highly ambitious dream, and learn and grow in their trades as it takes shape. It is the skill and sweat of such people that will bring us to the seemingly revered beta and beyond.

If you could make a difference, if you have the skill, maturity, time, and perseverance to assist 0 A.D. in rising above the desert of bones that is independent game development, then please contact the appropriate Department Lead for an application form.

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If i COULD help with anything, i would never started Viking mod, i would joined WFG. But i cant do anything as far as i know :D

And thank you for answering and explaining my question (as usual), but i surely hope you are wrong about "not this year", but i think you are right :P

As longas i comes 1st january its ok

No, seriously, the game will not come out before its ready, i understand

I also understand that you guys have things coming up now and then, its life

Though i hope you could get some sponsores

And one last thing, why are there not a "PR" guy somewere? That tells the people of the world about WFG, i feel that if you dont know about DGDN, OR Heavengames, you have not chance of finding out about this awsome game

I made threads about the game in some Norwegian forums, but i really dont know what to say?

People are often responding "Free? man, cant be any good then" ...

Or "hmm, didnt see anything intresting..."

Stuff like that, and i just :) and dont know what to do :P

But im sure it will come later, and i hope the beta or alpha will be ready sometime this year, or REALLY early 2005

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And one last thing, why are there not a "PR" guy somewere?

We have just been joined by a dedicated PR gal (see Welcome Thread on this forum) whose sole responsibility is to deal with outwards exposure. Also, there will be some major (as major as it can get, really) changes internally before the end of the year that may help the long waiting time for the game.

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"Free? man, cant be any good then"

That's why we have screenshots :) Those last 2 good ones I posted a while back are starting to look old too, hence theres some new ones comming up.

But...It's hard, it's very very hard work. Sure anyone can pull off a few models or textures, or a couple hundred lines of code, but the reality is that we're going to need thousands of models, thousands of textures, and miles of code and later, scripting. The scale of things make this hard because theres too much stuff to do.

As for an alpha/beta. We definatly are looking forward to having something playable by the end of the year, if our PASAP (play as soon as possible) plan works out. Which so far it is due to the progess done on the game. Whether you guys will get to see that is unknown and undecided. We'll decide when the time comes.

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If i COULD help with anything, i would never started Viking mod, i would joined WFG. But i cant do anything as far as i know :)

Just a thought: Even if you can't program, help with the artwork or anything else... You still speak perfect Norwegian, right? When the time comes, you could make the localized version of the game to Norwegian (translating the interface and such). This is relatively far off into the future, so don't get too excited about it now, but the more localized versions we have, the better.

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i have small knowledge of visual basic and 3ds max if u need me, but to give u guys a help. Some of you might know the game uplink, where you are a hacker and steal money, buy programs and live life freelancing. It was done by one guy in his free time, simple yet very very addictive, if he could do that on his own, you can do this, although uplink contains no 3d graphics as such, there are many more of you, keep up the good work and make an amazing game!

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hehe, well alot of these games in total take 5 years to make. AoM got started right after Age of Kings did, or atleast, the preliminary work on the engine and design did. Most of you know that HL2 has been 5, nearly 6 years in the works, Doom3 also took many years. I'm not trying to compare 0AD to these excellent games (that kind of relation is for the fans to decide), but games take a long while to get organized and rolling.

You can sure say that we've gone a heck of a long way with 0AD, the years of planning, conceptualizing and getting the team and management together. In the long run, actually building the game technically is one of the final steps, and already we've done some amazing progress for a group of unproffesional hobyists. We sure as heck plan on finishing 0AD, however long it takes.

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