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Happy New Year Everyone!


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Happy new year everyone! It's Been 2008 in Canberra (the junkyard where I live) for 15 hours and 39 minutes from when I am writing this.

But one quick question to anyone who reads this.

What does 2008 hold for 0AD?

More Screenies? :drunk:

More Previews? :drunk:

A Closed Beta? :);):)

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Haha! Kinda early, don't you think? After all, New Years was, like, yesterday for Australians. :drunk:

Yay!! He "correctly" ( ;) ) associated "Canberra" ( :) ) with "Australia" ( :) ).

Kinda early, I sept in til 1pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time (+10hrs).

I predict some time after me writing this 0AD gets released.

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