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Created my first unit from scratch! Excellent system, guys! Bravo!


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I was complaining that there were no infantry axemen for north European civilizations, so I just made me a Briton axeman this morning. Making the templates is easy (just need to find in which files all the different parts of information are scattered), but there was no actual mesh for an infantry axeman I could see (and scavenge!) in "art/units", and that's the most difficult part...

Until I noticed that those "art" .xml files describe some sort of "action figure" you can actually clothe and equip to your liking! And so I built myself a Celtic heavy axeman, and it works! :yahoo:

Great system guys! Kudos!  :thumbsup:


No to pat myself in the back, but not bad for somebody who installed 0 A.D. for the first time 8 days ago... :rolleyes:

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Just a question: Where would I find a fitting icon for him?

For the time being, being a "champion" unit, he wears "<Icon>units/brit_champion_infantry.png</Icon>", but that is confusing.

Unfortunately Windows search has become :yucky: over the years, totally useless, and now it only suggest searching in "Documents", "Settings" and other utterly irrelevant places... So where are those icons?

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47 minutes ago, ChronA said:

I think unit icons are kept in art\textures\ui\session\portraits\units

As .dds? That's why I didn't find them... Thank you, I'll try to find something.


8 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

I'm sure @wowgetoffyourcellphone can help you with custom icons

I had a look on his "Delenda Est" project, and I'm afraid he's fully booked up until 2050!... :laugh:

Nah, it's just for me*, so I'll take something vaguely fitting, doesn't need to be spot on.


* Making the game like I would like it to be, so I'm pretty sure there is little demand...

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As I said elsewhere axes were about the second oldest weapon mankind created, just after the pointy stick... Put a sharp stone on a hemp and you have a terribly useful tool + weapon. Unlike spears (and even worse, swords!) which were just for combat and thus a luxury not everyone could afford, axes were a common tool everyone used to chop his firewood.

For this reason alone there should be lots of dirt cheap axe units in all those northern Celtic/Gallic/Germanic tribes: If you were to grab something to go defend your house, it would be your axe.

Axes hit hard, but given their weight they are slower. They get a bonus vs. armor (chain mail doesn't protect you from axes), but also vs. buildings, siege weapons and ships (everything built out of wood).

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