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  1. Nescio brought up a few really good points earlier that I wanted to explore in greater depth. I started a private conversation with them about it, but since our topics touched on some questions of general interest we agreed it might be better to continue things on the public forum instead (if anyone is still interested). Is there a preferred terminology then for the general durability of armament? I know there are some culture specific terms such as hoplite and cataphract that get to that idea. However, I think there is value in distinguishing the gameplay abstraction of armor strength
  2. Here ya go: https://github.com/ChronAb/Broken_Empire_-_Refined_Combat_mod Is far as what's in there, the meat of the mod is in simulation/components (spoiler-ed for ugly wall of text) : If anyone wants to try to (re)use any of this in other mods or projects, then go for it. I'd appreciate it if you try to give me a heads up just to inflate my ego, but you don't need my permission. Also if you have suggestions for how to fix any other problems I've identified drop me a comment (or a pull request) on GitHub. I don't always have the liberty to keep a watchful eye on these forums.
  3. Sorry to anyone itching to examine my code for multi-weapon units and ammo. Being a hopeless perfectionist, I've been obsessing over what appeared to be minor glitches and error notifications associated with my changes that would pop up once in a blue moon. Alas, some of them turned out to be not so minor after all. In particular, there seems to be a nasty interaction between the weapon switching in code and the ammo counting code. (Animations sometimes get desynced from the simulation and units forget how long weapon cooldowns and ammo reload cycles are supposed to be. Put them together and y
  4. I can't take on another modding project right now. But in another month or three I might be able to help, assuming all you need is an extra hand to edit the json files. If you are looking for someone to exercise balance judgement for the values of those "other" resources, you will probably want someone else. I haven't played enough DE, or even just vanilla 0AD (competitively or otherwise) to know what I'm doing. But, please keep me in mind if you have any other little tasks like this. As someone who loves tinkering in the guts of RTSs (more than actually playing them really), I admire you
  5. I agree in principle. I think the problem is figuring out how to make it work on the simulation side (**and not be cheesable). Thanks; and that is a very fair criticism. Anyway, I wasn't really trying to suggest my scheme outlined above would be an ideal or even a good design for a game. More-so, I was just trying to demonstrate the possibility of a more historically authentic design, while still paying homage to the RTS aesthetics of diverse units and pronounced counters. (If the objective is just to simulate the actually strategy of ancient warfare with as few moving parts as possib
  6. Aw! Thanks! By the way, I was quite successful with my bug hunting today. The mod is no longer spitting out error messages every 2 seconds whenever ammo-using units get into combat. Also, the CPU performance cost of all the new new target selection logic I added seems to be pretty mild, which is something I was worried about. So, tomorrow I'll be double checking if there are any new bugs associated with hunting and gathering and building. And if that checks out, I'll make the Git repo public and start writing a forum post pointing you all too it!
  7. Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with balance while I hunt for bugs. I'm finding some surprising thing things just by tweaking a few parameters. To bring this back to the very astute original topic, what exactly would a historically authentic counter network for 0AD look like? (Sorry for wall of text. I only share in the hopes other find my idle musings pleasantly provocative.) I think OP is correct that a compact formation of infantry, whether spearmen or "swordsmen" or even ranged units, will be effectively invulnerable to cavalry attack or any other melee force smalle
  8. As of yesterday, I have a mod that adds it. I gave ranged units an ammo counter, initialized in their template, and made it so if they run out of ammo but have a melee weapon defined (or if their target gets within their minimum range) they will switch to melee and charge. The ammo count gets reset if they spend enough time out of combat, allowing you to retreat and rearm. I'm still debugging some things and the animations transitions are a little wonky sometimes, but it should be ready to share in not too long (few more weekends maybe). Honestly, I'm surprised no one else has ever tried
  9. Precisely. So what I was trying to say is that I think (based on the scale of the units) the strength of gravity in 0AD ought to be about 20 units/s^2, in order to better match our local gravity of 9.81 m/s^2. I'm very glad to hear that the core development team concur and the issue will be improved in the next version. 40.0 units/s^2 sounds fine to me even if it is unrealistically strong for the size of the units. Exaggeration is key to good animation after all.
  10. I think you need to do a quick experiment as a sanity check (I know I did). Place two non allied Mauryan spear infantry. Observe that their spears are about the same height as them (2 meters). Now have them fight, and observe that their spears only just touch each other with the butt conveniently right near the center of the attacking model. Thus the separation of the two units must be 2 meters (call it 2.5 or even 3 since the target's body has some thickness and he is leaning forward). Now check the xml and you will find that the spearman's range is set at 4.5 game meters. What happened to t
  11. The use of 9.81 for <gravity> in vanilla Zero AD is inappropriate because the in-game unit-models are depicted at about a 2:1 scale. (I.e. human units are drawn as being approximately 4 meters tall in-game!) Therefore, a gravitational acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 at 2:1 scale works out as only 4.905 m/s^s relative to the human characters on screen. A more appropriate quantity would be 19.62, but since the scaling factor is just a very imprecise approximation anyway (personally) I would just put it at a nice round 20.0.
  12. Thanks very much for the warm welcomes everyone. It is disappointing to hear that development is currently blocked by legalities. That must be very frustrating, but I trust it will be resolved in due course. In the mean time then I will focus on pulling my personal modding efforts into a cohesive package suitable for public scrutiny. If you knowledgeable people would like to suggest any specific aspects of the design on which I would do well to focus my efforts, I would be much obliged. Otherwise, based on a preliminary search of these forums I’d speculate that area of deficiency tha
  13. I’ve followed 0 AD for several years now and I am very impressed with how the game is developing, especially with the last few alpha updates. It is really evolving into a very special game in the same spirit as Age of Empires. I would like to help it get there a little faster if that is possible. Unfortunately I’m not an experienced or formally trained programmer or computer scientist by any description. However I am one of those people who likes taking a peak at how their games work, and messing with gameplay to suit my personal tastes where possible. Recently (i.e. in the last year or
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