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  1. Rem!! Nice to see you! How have you been?
  2. Hey Luke, welcome! Nice to see you here.
  3. Wait for another 10 years, it's on the rise. 1994 - US World Cup The American team does well enough. A few of their players, namely Wynalda and Lalas, build up a bit of a name in Europe. 1998 - France World Cup Uh, step back. They disappointed me. 2002 - Korea/Japan World Cup 1/4 Finals. Lost to Germany. Very good performance. More and more American players get to play in European leagues. Watch out for Landon Donovan, he's going to be very good. So yeah, it's on the rise, I hope.
  4. I just mean that if so little negative reputation is given, and we complain about it when we receive it, positive reputation loses all its meaning, IMHO.
  5. Come on, people, positive reputation doesn't mean anything without negative reputation
  6. Thanks, Aviv. Oh well, I didn't make one of those "v instead of b" spelling mistakes since I was 10 and was dealing with Spanish
  7. From right to left, of course. It's a bit confusing with this Western software, but it's easy to get used to all the oddities. If I were home I'd write something in Hebrew too (public computer = no way to have Hebrew fonts + keyboard set) Happy birthday, Aviv! so when a vowel is pronounced before a (final) gutteral, is it separated from previous vowels by a 'alef? As in mitzvae'akh (sp?)?* *I'm transliterating the tzaerae malae' as ae, just like the tutorial I'm following does, but I pronounce it more like tzeréi malé' with Spanish-like vowels
  8. It varies between "hehehe" and "shut up, that's not even funny"
  9. I write very fast and my handwriting is tiny, so sometimes it can be hard to decipher later. My notes are basically just text; I use few things like arrows, etc. Oh, and of course, I use things like x instead of "por" ("por" is used to multiply: 3 por 4 = 3 by 4), xa (="para"), xq (="porque"), etc.
  10. I have no idea of what I mean, since I don't know your system at all
  11. At least in Spain we use ' instead of , (or .). ^^This is rather confusing, so I'll use an example: 3'7 12.584
  12. Few people in the internet, and no one in real life except for some family members, know that I'm a language nerd. Not only Tolkien languages (which is more 'professional' and better known here), but language in general. I guess not many people have hobbies like trying to learn Hebrew (failed so far for lack of a dictionary and energy - I know the alphabet, some basic grammar and some words) or building their own languages.
  13. It changes every day, of course, but today it's: Against Me! - Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious
  14. I don't usually go around home telling my parents all stuff I do. The less they know about me, the better for both parties.
  15. I don't quite remember when I got my nickname or what I needed it for, but I wanted something that sounded Sumerian, like an echo of ancient cities in Mesopotamia, or Semitic. I made it up. The result was, apparently, a surname that is somewhat common in Thailand. There's a Jewish festivity called 'Sukkot' so I didn't do that bad, as far as the 'Semitic feeling' thing goes. EDIT: about 'chichi'... well, it's vulgar slang for 'vagina', more or less. Of course, this may vary depending on the dialect.
  16. The only decent one from that list that I know is CSI
  17. Just finished: The Bone Collector A book about the Germanic migrations and the first Germanic kingdoms... I don't remember the name. Now looking forward to pick at the library: Beowulf Something about the First World War.
  18. Mainly by the username, but at first, before a forumer makes a solid impression on me, every element (avatar, sig, etc) helps me. After some time you can change your avatar whenever you want; I'll still recognize you
  19. Same for me. Hey Elf, remember that huge thread in the 'Projects' forum about the mod? That thread was practically a forum on its own. Pity that the role-playing game kinda ruined it for a while
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