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  1. Welcome to the forums. Don't forget to sign up for the 0.A.D. Hompage.
  2. Just for spite, and the laghter I'm just a terrible person.
  3. Welcome. Have a nice stay *hehe*.
  4. What do you guys write when you try to turn up some guys reputation?
  5. Let's buy him a game like the latest Microsoft game. I'm shure we could raise money.
  6. Military power, Israel. They only use the best weapons.
  7. Rome At War. But they didn't lable the guys.
  8. Hockey, even though I havent played it. It looks cool (The Mighty Ducks).
  9. A fuel rod gun, Plasma rifle, and flame thrower for me. they just take out anything in your way.
  10. 150 ft long and it was 200,000 pounds. Cought it with a stick and a piece of string, in my fishing pond.
  11. Yep, though I don't think mordor was an ancient nation. I think the most conqering nations were Babylon, Egypt, Rome and Assyria. Out of all three Rome was the best.
  12. The Bible. But for action books i'd say G.A. Henty.
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